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Whats Going On With My Vision?

im seeing like this watermark above my eyes. i feel fine. this has happened one other time a few months ago or so but it went away after an hour or so. not much info but can anyone take a guess what the deal is? its kinda freakin me out.

I heard something about eye doctors being of help in a case like this.

It’s a tumah. Go to the doctah if you want to live.

Seriously, go get checked

Aliens imprinting watermarks on your eyeball that they can read quickly to identify you. Your whole medical history is imprinted on there too, but it’s too small and too well encrypted for a human to read.

On a serious note, I’ve gotten something like this when I blink, then I have to blink a few more times or rub my eye to get rid of it. It might be an eye lash or something else in your eye, but who knows?

If it continues or gets worse get to an eye doctor. It could be eye strain which means you need glasses, or something else such as a problem with the retina. I sometimes see “swimmers”, which are sort of like a black dot that moves around, with my right eye because the retina has a weak spot.

Not trying to alarm you, but the best thing is to get it checked out ASAP, a lot of problems can be treated early, but if you leave them it can be messy to fix up later. The doctor is a good precaution.