What's Going On With My Body?

im not getting this. so im bulking. my arms are getting a bit bigger, chest, back and quads just from squatting, but my pants are getting tighter. but heres the thing, i keep weighting the same number as when i started bulking! i even upped my calories and keep getting the same weight wtf why? unless my ass is getting bigger from squat and deads (dont feel them sore) then i dont know whats going on. its just a doubt on why i keep getting the same weight but my pants dont fall down like before. im still the same weight for 3 weeks with same calories (recently increase a bit) so i dont know if its maintenance surplus or deficit

You are losing body fat & gaining muscle simultaneously…enjoy it while it lasts!!!


If the scale isn’t moving, you’re at maintenance. If you think your muscles are getting bigger but you’re staying the same weight, you’re recomping. Do you need the scale to go up? Because if you’re not super skinny, a recomp beats a bulk, in my book.


Are you sure you don’t have a set of shit scales?


thanks a lot mate.well im 6’2” weight 153 hehe

nop hehe

ha! thanks mate

I’m about 6’3, 225, so that definitely puts you in the “super skinny” category. Let’s get one thing out of the way: you’re not in a surplus. No matter what the online calorie calculators tell you, you’re not eating enough to gain weight. If the scale is going up, you’re in a surplus.
I was 165 at my height 10 years ago, and I was really skinny. It took next to nothing to get me full, which meant that gaining weight was uncomfortable. You are going to have to eat more. It’s going to be much harder for you to eat enough than it is for you to go to the gym. Sometimes I hate the workouts I do at the gym, but I always enjoy going to the gym. Eating is still hard for me some days. I know people who can’t eat enough, and that’s just not me - and not you. But if your endeavor is to not look really, really skinny, you’ll need to start eating enough to build muscle. Add 500-1000 cals to whatever you’re eating now, and watch the scale. If it goes up, you’re eating enough. When it stops going up, your body has adjusted to that caloric intake and you will need to eat more.

And don’t eat like shit. Fast food will get you full and keep you full for hours. Start eating enough clean food and veggies and eventually you’ll start getting hungry every 2-3 hours.


Pounds or kilos?

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thanks a lot mate!

x2 with Flap. 6’2 myself. -in normal clothes you wont even look like you lift till you hit 180

milk (300-400ml), banana, berries, oatmeal (60g), peanut butter, whey, whirl it and you have yourself and easy 1,000 kcal smoothie. Get it with any of your meals and see the scale go up -if it doesnt work, get another scale.

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Your clothes were probably too small to begin with. I know damn well I was wearing skinny jeans and size small shirts at 150.

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i wondered can my low test be related to this weight?

How old are you? Have you had blood work done or are you pulling low T out your back side?

Probably more related to your diet.

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26 test have been around 100-200 ish constant for 3 years now.

diet is 2800 cals moderate amount of fats protein and high carbs

Hmmm… might wanna ask your doctor.

I definitely find your original question weird. Calorie consumption seems reasonable, since thats around maintenance for even myself at 190, and the t-readings seem low. But I don’t know enough to understand what’s going on with you.