What's Going on With Me?

Excellent forum here, I have been reading a lot over the last few days! I came by here to ask a few questions because I have absolutely no idea what is going on with my body anymore. A little insight, opinion would be more than welcome!

History: Ive been â??working outâ?? since I was 18. Nailed the nutrition down and periodization when I was about 23-24. In the last four years I have been doing crossfit combined with a reduced â??bodybuildingâ?? routine, switched to a SS routine, and then most recently have been trying to do 5/3/1.

Bottom line is Iâ??ve never been able to get my weight up. I am 5â??11â?? 85kg, at about 13-16% bf. My lifts are embarrassing. Every time I have been getting stronger, having great workouts, I wont be able to sleep no matter how tired I am. In bed at 10pm, only to wake up routinely at 2-3am.

(Tried all the drugs, sleep hygene, rituals, and casting spells- nothing worked)

I originally thought (through researching lots of different info) that it was adrenal fatigue, somehow related to the release of cortisol that kept waking me up at 3am. Took some time off (I take 2-3 weeks off every 6 weeks as it is…) but the problem kept on coming.

I went to the doctor and did a sleep test. The diagnosis was that I have UARS (a form of apnea). Stuck the hose up my nose (CPAP) and found I slept better- but not like I should be- still dancing to the 2am disco every now and then.

At the same time I was getting my sleep tested, I went to see an Endocrinologist who did a blood test. Despite having the same problem, my cortisol levels came back regular- but Testosterone was very low. I did another test about two months after the first, my T was even lower, so were LH and FSH. Hypogonadism was written on the medical form. The doctor is suggesting hormone replacement therapy, or testosterone replacement therapy.

Does anyone have any advice, thoughts… ?

I am not really sure of the sleep ~ low hormone thing. Like the chicken or the egg, the riddle remains, which came first?

What about this TRT, HRT, deal? If I start shooting T, am I going to have to keep doing it until the grim end? Doesnâ??t that shut down my natural production of T (however limited it is right now)?

How much would a few nights of missed sleep impact the T tests when I got them done?

Free T4 1.00 ng/dl (0.65 - 1.26)
TSH 1.299 uU/ml (0.340-5.6)
Cortisol 15.8 ug/dl
ACTH 27.4 pg/ml

Total T 438 ng/dl
SHBG 49. nmol/l (10-60)
Albumin 39 gm/l (38 - 50)
Free Androgen Index 30
Free T 72 pg/ml (90-300)
% Free T 1.63% (2-4.8)
Bioavailable T 153 ng/dl

Total T 377 ng/dl
SHBG 37.2 nmol/l
Albumin 38 gm/l
Free androgen index 35
Free T 75 pg/ml
% Free T 1.99
Bioavailable T 156 ng/dl
LH 1.61 mIU/ml
Prolactin 7.05 ng/Ml (3.46-19.40)

Thank you for the flood of well informed replies.

I got an MRI - no problems there.
The doctor changes his mind and says that my Testosterone really isn’t that low(!) He decided to write a prescription for Andriol 40mg (2 a day).

I asked him about anti-estrogen, he said he didn’t know if I should be worried about it. I also asked him if I should have my liver and estrogen levels tested, to which he said I was “probably ok.”

To be honest I didn’t even bother getting the Andriol. Doctors here (bangkok) are pretty terrible- and I didnt want to take something without this clown being able to explain it to me.

If my problem is really elementary, and I am completely missing something here, could someone point me in the right direction? Reading material, websites, etc?

Thanks… in advance.

I would get the estrogen checked, but you are likely ok.

It looks like your pituitary is not producting. You could do a SERM or HCG challenge to see if you respond that way–it would at least keep you from shutting down your natural production, and could even restart your pituitary after you taper off.

Any history of AAS use or other medications?

I’ve never done AAS, so thats probably not a factor.
I was on asthma medication when I was a kid, but that’s about it.

What about the dose of Andriol? Any idea how much that is likely to raise T?
(I have heard that it is hard on your liver- is this true?)

I have no idea what Adirol is.