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Okay so, i'm 6'1, 196 lb, 20 years old. My suggested macros are around 2850 cals to maintain, based on training 5 days/week. here's my problem. I eat incredibly clean, so while I get my bodyweight in protein and good carbs, i still only eat around 1800-1900 cals a day. I've done this pretty consistently over the last 3-4 months, and I haven't been losing any more fat lately. Are my macros either way off and I need to eat less, or am I slowing my metabolism down by eating so little? I think i should try rotating caloric/carb intake to try and mess with my metabolism again. any ideas?


Post your real diet And work out program.


Train harder (higher intensity, more compound movements, HIT)

Increase protein. Reduce calories on carbs/fat to allow for increased protein. You can not rely on on a rigid calorie calculator. maybe your maintenance is just 1800. It can range from 14 - 16 per LB bodyweight.

But like JFG said - post your full diet (an exact example with meal timing etc) and your exact training program, and you will get some proper advice then!


training split: chest and tri's / back and bi's / shoulders / legs and abs / offday / repeat
- i do mixes of high intensity intervals with heavy presses and controlled compound movements

diet: (yesterday for example)
7:30 pre workout: 1/2 cup oats, 1 tbsp nat pb, 2 tbsp 1% cottage cheese, apple
9:00 post workout: 3 scoops universal torrent
9:30: 1/2 cup oats, 1 tbsp nat pb, 2 tbsp 1% cottage cheese
12:00: 2 slices ezekiel, chunk light tuna can
2:30: plain grilled chicken breast
4:30: spinach salad with 1 cup mushrooms, 1 green bell pepper, no dressing
7:00: grilled chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli
9:30: 25 raw almonds, 3/4 cup greek yogurt
11:00: casein shake

  • i don't get how this could be my maintenance, i've always been a big athletic guy who's eaten lots. I recently lost lots of fat, and have seen a big plateau with the fat loss over the last month. should i mix things up? i may start a 3-4 week bulk and see what happens


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I don't think it's your workout.
You may have stalled out your metabolism by feeding it 1900 calories for so long.
(1000 calories below maintenance plus exercise/stress/etc)

Try slowly working in a few more calories each day until you are up to "maintenance."
Once your body thinks the famine is over it will speed up your metabolism and then you can try the fasting approach BBB recommended. Another good approach might be to carb cycle which you can learn more about by reading some of Shelby Starnes articles here.


When you give good info, you get good feedback.

Read the above and make a decision. I'm no a big IF fan, but I really like the cab cycling. Do what works best for you.

And protein man. Protein.



Why is this?


thanks fellas I appreciate it


Serious? Read up on IF. It's a concept.



Your body can adapt to very low caloric intakes...when that happens, you have to reset your metabolism.


so have a cheat meal!

sunday night (or whatever day you want) eat what ever the fuck you want

for what its worth, shelby starnes says "have as much as you want of what ever you want for 1 hour"

make it the last meal of the day so you dont have the ability to over do it