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What's going on at the Photo Forum?!?!?

There’s been on odd trend on the photo forum to recommend everyone, regardless of how they look, to deadlift!

Now, I love deadlifting, but have the tides turned on squatting? I remember the day when everyone blindly recommended back squats as the ‘fix-all’.

Is there a particular reason why everyone recommends deadlifts over squats now? Have I missed an article or something? lol Or is it just that everyone grew tired of saying,“You got to squat!” ?


PS: This post is only half serious, but I really am curious to why the shift has occured.

Dude, I share your sentiments. I haven’t deadlifted since high school, but since everyone here is always stressing this movement, I started deadlifting last night. Not sure if I’ll ever walk again.

On a more serious note, my physique proves the importance of deadlifts: weak lower back and hams due to only doing squats, extension, lying curls, and calf raises, with the occasional leg press. So as soon as I can get up out of this damn chair next week I will deadlift again!!

I think I’m a large contributer to this. The main reason I always tell people to do more deadlifts are as follows:

  1. 99% of the time, people are just posting their upper body. Deadlifts = Great back thickener, hence the recommendation.

  2. Almost everybody lacks that ‘look of power’, particularly in the traps. To quote the amusing Ronnie Coleman: “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody wanna lift no damn heavy weight!”

Ike, just think, Ronnie won his class Grammar Bee 5 years in a row before he took up weightlifting :wink:

BTW, I think we all push deadlifting for the reasons Ike mentions. They’re something that most people neglect. Yes, we’ve all been told to squat and so everyone does, but squats don’t cover all the bases. You need deads to take up the slack and in my opinion, if people are only going to do one of the two, I’d like to see them deadlift. Flame away.

Also… I would recommend Olympics, but people are less likely to kill themselves doing deadlifts. :wink:

I disagree about deadlifting “often” if that’s what is being advocated. It is a sure fire way to overtrain. I do however agree that deadlifts and its variations will pack meat on in the shoulders/traps. Squats on the other hand will not.

mostly because a lot of people have thin backs.

Actually, CGB, Joe Weider rigged that spelling bee; Jay Cutler was really the best speller:)

Good point Ike. In addition. good ol’ barbell rows are good for the back. I rarely see this executed at all or properly at my gym.

Deadlifts are Krazy!!

I havn’t done them in 6 months. They build your upper back and traps like crazy. Especially snatch grip deads.

Luckly, god gave me 1 good genetic gift. My huge traps. I am so glad I have something.

Hmm, now im in the mood to dlift :slight_smile:

Machine, what do you classify as properly?
Back angle?
Bar path to navel, rib cage, or nipple line?

Hyphinator, do old-school T-Bone Rows–using a barbell in the corner and a close, parallel-grip (i.e. V-Bar attachment). This is a quality exercise and a good alternative to Barbell Rows.

That said, for Barbell Rows I think proper form might be defined slightly differently relative to each individual. (Tired of individual differences yet!?)

Anyway, I would base it on how you feel the movement. For example, if you’ve got textbook form–according to someone else’s textbook–and don’t feel the Rows anywhere, then you’re not executing them properly. Properly should include maximal stimulation of the muscle fibers.

That said, the angle of your back is what might need to be altered somewhat. I think pulling the bar to the lowest part of the ribcage (i.e. xiphoid process) is most efficacious.

I think CGB had it right when he said that it has become the norm for people to squat, it’s almost a given. Even mags like Men’s Fitness will publish articles with squats as part of the workout. Now, seeing someone using proper form is another story altogether. However, the deadlift has yet to become as popular in the mainstream world therefore you’ll have a better chance finding someone who doesn’t deadlift. If someone has been squatting for a while and not deadlifting, they will experience new levels of strength and growth by focusing on the deadlift for a few months and giving the squat a break. This is something I learned where-else, but here on T-mag!

Machine, I know what you mean. The bent over barbell row should be the exact opposite of the barbell bench press. To promote maximal scapular retraction, bend over at the hips so the back remains flat with your knees bent. When you pull the bar to the bottom of your ribcage, elbows should be out, rather than in. This way, you allow for your back muscles to work and rear delts, rather than lats, which have the tendency to take over given improper form. www.exrx.net has a good example.


Machine: I dig one-arm T-bar rows, too.

Timbo; I’ve done exactly what you’re talking about. In a community center’s weight room. Years and years ago. Still prefer my t-bar rows that way, too. Them purty, new-fangled T-Bar rows just don’t do it for me.

Just out of curiosity…when you guys say “deadlift” are you referring to the classic deadlift, straight/stiff leg deadlifts, or both?

Hyphnz, by not proper form I mean there spine is maximally rounded, while looking down at the ground and pulling to the navel with a head jerk down for every rep. Get the picture? It’s quite funny.

A funny story: At my school’s rec center gym there are a bunch of Arabian dudes who are funny to watch lift. They spot on every lift. One time we saw some juiced up Arabian doing DB pullovers w/ a 120 lb. or so and he had a guy sitting on his crotch/legs facing the other way. Another time, they were doing barbell rows and the other guy got right behind him, touching, and pulling with him at the same time. Ridiculous.

Machine and Timbo, it sounds like you have cameras on the wall of my gym!

Also nearly everyone at my gym who does pullups or pulldowns looks like they are doing some weird upright kind of abdominal curl.

Thanks for the replies guys, BOR are a staple part of my training at present and I will be doing them later today with my brand new Oly set.
Although IMHO my form is strict I have been questioning back angle and path, hence my post.
Now for a bit of debate, I always understood rows the same way as Hogan [quote]The bent over barbell row should be the exact opposite of the barbell bench press.[/quote] Now if that is the case and you bench to nipple line, why not row to nipple line?
The next question is if you do a lot of Oly type lifts from the hang, should you go lower (ie navel)while still focussing on scapular retraction?

BTW, did I mention I just got my brand new Oly set? and I’m pretty blimming well excited about it, oh yes indeedy :slight_smile: