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What's for Lunch Today?


I'm eating a nice foot long roasted chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat from Subway. Mayo, Provolone cheese, Tomatoes, Onions, Sweet Peppers, Salt, Pepper, Oregano and extra meat. 4 Chicken breasts on this bad boy. I love bulking!


easy on the mayo big boy. you can still bulk and keep the fat off


6 grilled chicken breasts from chick-fila... some mustard and mayo .... I throw away half the buns and have double chicken sandwhiches....


A lot of chicken breast, peas and cabbage.


Ground beef, rotel, asparagus.

The fuckers in my office are having lasagna, garlic bread, and cheesecake for the monthly birthday lunch.


Pushmepullme remember Merry Christmas BOB? thats what we do what we do. For those guys who are having that lasagna, g bread and cheesecake, look at them and laugh, laugh hard, and then flash your six pack when you walk by next time and say "this is why"


Chicken with salsa, lima beans and an apple


Lamb Shoulder Chop with a Spinach-Proscuitto Salad and Greek dressing

with SF Jello


I did a left over homemade pork and zuchinni stew. I got it down to using only a tablespoon of olive oil to prep the whole thing.


"Classy Chicken" casserole from Gourmet Nutrition. Has coconut milk, peaches, asparagus, etc. Not bad.

And a glass of chardonnay. :slight_smile: Hey, I gotta keep it classy.


3 stir fried chicken breast with broccoli, 3 baked (10.oz each) potatoes, and 6 grams fish oil. O yeah, and a multi.


Which lunch are you asking about? I have 3. :slightly_smiling:

1.) Shredded chicken and veggie stir-fried rice. Whole milk to drink.

2.) Two Honey baked ham-and-cheese sandwiches on wheat with bacon, turkey, tomatoes, spinach, mustard and mayo. More milk to drink.

3.) Protein shizzake with left over meat lovers pizza.

And now getting ready for dinner.


This reminds me of those Lean cuisine commercials..


Large pizza, french fries, and a soda pop.


well 3 mcdonalds double cheeseburgers to wake up the mr appetite, then for lunch i do the dominos 3 for 5$ deal, saves me loads of money. put thtat away with a large DIET coke. Note its DIET coke, so im keeping the carbs low on this one


left over chicken breast with cheese 8 eggs and spinnach ... go the anabolic diet


Hmm, for someone who dosen't know shit about lifting and eating, you sure like running your mouth.

Being sarcastic towards people who have actually accomplished something isn't a great move.


Bowl of lobster bisk, a cheeseburger, and a glass of milk


Interesting combo!


2 lbs grilled pork loin & Iced tea