What's Everyones Sporting Background?

lots of replies to the post “top 10 sports with the fittest athletes”.
everyone says this sport is harder than that sport. this guy is fitter than that guy. whats your own experience playing sports??? not just being an armchair dude whatching tv commenting.

one post said mma guys are the fittest. did that poster fight mma for a while, and train mma for years? or just watch it on tv assuming its very hard? whats hard for some maybe ez for others.lots of people hate running. i ran, and was good at it and only trained 4 days a week and got to be good.
nation level.

some run, but whats a 7-8-9 minute mile pace?? slow. some run at a 6 minute mile pace … but for only 1 mile till they poop out… thats embarassing. 1 mile!!!
some guys box, and are a good bad ass fighter, but cant swim or lift heavy weights…

it be nice to hear how good some of you are. past sports and current.

Cool idea for this thread but I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of inflated posts on here or just some straight up BS posts about how good some people are/were… But I’ll play

3 years as a QB and free Saftey
1 year track n field, section champs in the 4x400 and 4x100 relays

2 years junior college ball as a free saftey. Had offers to play at a couple D1AA schools after that but joined the military instead.

Post college athleticism:
Was in the military and my job required a lot of running and swimming, every Wednesday and Friday were command PT days. Wednesday was always an ocean swim, 1-2 miles. And every Friday was a “Monster Mash” which was a run/swim combo workout. 1-2 miles swimming and 3-5 miles running in any mixed up order that was picked for that week. Not really a sport but I got pretty good at both after doing that for a while.

I trained for a few tri’s but have developed a condition that no longer allows me to run pretty much anything over a mile anymore.

I play in a flag football league on Saturdays for fun now. It’s actually a pretty competitive league with quite a few ex D1 guys. it’s a full contact blocking league which is fun. You get in there and mix it up some times which is fun

Played soccer from when I was little through high school.

Swam the 4 years of high school.

Swam club part of college.

Practiced with the wrestling club team in college (didn’t compete).

Now compete in powerlifting.

Lifelong wrestler
Same with football

Was “that kid” that was supposed to be a D1 Lineman but didnt because of head injuries…still have my recruiting letters and contact cards from all the schools that wanted me…BIG schools…shit makes me sad sometimes lol

In college…2 years of club wrestling 07-08 and 08-09…got into juijitsu and joined the school’s Judo club too but nothing much to say about it…decided to get out of the matgame and focus on school and becoming a better bf.


Field hockey in high school, college teams. I was a fullback, and on special occasions, a sweeper.
Women’s rugby. Let’s just say I was the oldest member of the team. I was second row, lock forward.

I’m not fast or agile. I don’t consider myself athletic. I might move slow, but I can stop a bus and power the engine room. And that’s all the talent a defensive player needs.

I’ve always been a sporting chap. I carry a walking stick and like my toast done on one side.

[quote]Yo Momma wrote:
Field hockey in high school, college teams. I was a fullback, and on special occasions, a sweeper.
Women’s rugby. Let’s just say I was the oldest member of the team. I was second row, lock forward.

I’m not fast or agile. I don’t consider myself athletic. I might move slow, but I can stop a bus and power the engine room. And that’s all the talent a defensive player needs.[/quote]

2 sports I know exactly 0 about.

I played high school football. Scored four touchdowns in one game. I know the score!

I grew up doing road bike racing and triathlons. I swam and ran cross country in high school. I played a lot of volleyball, but not on formal teams. I started weight training in conjunciton with swim team.

I was never “great” at a sport - I was decent on the bike and in triathlons, but I was a pretty awful runner. It wasn’t until I started competing in powerlifting that I found a sport where I had some talent.

Here are some of my running and Track and field times / distances.

200M 22.1 Seconds

400M 49.8 Seconds

800M 2:01 (this was not very good for me, should have easily broke 2:00 but never did)

1600M 4:22 (now you see why the 800M is slow)

15K (Utica Boilermaker) 58 Minutes

Long Jump 19’4"

Discus 154’

Shot put 32’

High Jump 5’11" (my height)


Played baseball from 7-15. It is boring, but I was a catcher so I kept busy talking shit to the hitters. Not very physically demanding apart from beating the hell out of my knees as I grew.

Played football from 12-21. Midget and high school football (I played LB/FB) were fun. College (I played LB) was a fucking grind. Recovering from a game usually took 2-4 days depending on what part of the season I was in. It was really not that difficult physically (probably because I knew how to prepare for it), but it beat me up really bad.

College football was also very challenging mentally. Offenses were complex, our defensive scheme was complex to match, and I wasn’t very talented physically so I had to do a lot of film study to be worth a shit. I’d estimate that college football took up around 25-30 hours/week of my time in season. Average of 2 hours practice/day, 5 days a week plus an hour meeting each day, then another 90 minutes of film on those days. Game days were probably about 8 hours in total from pre-game walk through and meetings, to warm ups, game, post game, etc.

Wrestled senior year of high school. Much harder than football physically. It is also much easier to recover from a 6 minute match against someone your own size versus a 60 minute game slamming into people that might outweigh you by 100 lbs or more. I would feel fine the day after a match, whereas the day after a game I’d feel like I got run over by a semi. The mental aspect of wrestling was non-existent. Once you got the feel for the mat, everything else just came together on its own in practice.

Fought MMA a few times before senior year of college football, then trained it again after school for a while until I effed myself up (skiing) to where I can’t roll anymore. MMA is the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically. Three 5 minute rounds is brutal, especially if you’re a lighter heavyweight (210-220) like I was.

After my second fight, which went the distance (I lost after gassing hard in the second round), I puked/gagged for 5 minutes straight and couldn’t catch my breath for about a half hour. I didn’t really understand the conditioning aspect of it until then, because I won my first fight in 50 seconds. I was not prepared for a 15 minute fight. I also had a tough time relaxing and dealing with the adrenaline.

The next day I felt pretty much fine. I didn’t take any hard body shots or leg kicks though, just got punched in the head a lot.

So MMA is the hardest, conditioning-wise, and football beats you up more. Football is also much more difficult mentally. MMA (for me, with limited training) was just reacting. I didn’t even have a game plan outside of beating the other guy up.

Wrestling is like MMA-lite. The periods are shorter and you don’t get punched/kicked, so it’s easier to relax and not burn yourself out early on adrenaline. It’s still hard as hell, just not harder than MMA.

EDIT: I’ve competed in powerlifting a few times in the last few years. It’s fun, and not nearly as challenging as any of the other things I’ve done, baseball included.

Judo as a kid- of course!

-Then Basketball starting at 14

-High School Basketball (Post), Track & Field (Shot Put, Disc, 100m, 200m), Football (DT/DE)
In between: Semi-Pro Football in GFL 2
-College: Rugby, Oly Lifting, StrongMan

martial arts as a kid, three years of Kung Fu and one of American Kempo.

Soccer in middle school for two years, then weight training in high school.

Then nothing but the occasional swim or hiking trip till about 1996 when I took up martial arts again and then I did six months of Aikido and then about 1.5 years of Bagua Zhang. (both a horrendous waste of time)

Then I started MMA when I was about 28 which I did for several years until I hurt my back.

That same injury and the discovery of scoliosis led me to wight train for physical therapy which eventually got me into bodybuilding. I have been bodybuilding now regularly for almost three years. And because I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing for most of that time my gains aren’t super dramatic. They are certainly visible but still nothing to write home about.

that’s the whole story

Soccer in middle school
Basketball in high school (shooting guard)
Basketball in a men’s league for 4 years after that.
Now - Endurance races - Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race. << I love training for these things.

Track and soccer in middle school
Soccer, wrestling, football (linebacker and fullback) and lacrosse (middie and defense) in high school
Lacrosse (middie and defense) in college
Semi-pro football (fullback, DL) after college

Right offensive tackle in my middle school years and left defensive tackle/nose guard in high school. I had a lot of track coaches try to get into throwing and such but I preferred to actually hit people. Also wrestled my senior year in high school. Plan on picking up some kind of sport when I go to college.

I played baseball, soccer, football, basketball and ran track up until high school.
In high school I played varsity soccer my freshman year, but I quit my sophomore year because I wanted to concentrate solely on baseball. I kept playing club soccer until I was 16.
I got drafted out of high school as a pitcher (40th round, big fucking deal) and went to college to play instead. Played at Chico State and blew out my shoulder in a freak, non-baseball-related accident.

Now I play golf every once in a while, lift (haven’t been able to lift in a couple months due to various injuries from a mountain-biking crash), and I plan on starting to get into these weird obstacle course-type races like the Tough Mudder once I’m all healed up.

I also like duck-hunting and boar-hunting. I rarely ever get to hunt boar, which sucks because I’ve got a .500 Magnum that drops those fuckers dead in their tracks every time.

[quote]Yo Momma wrote:
Field hockey in high school, college teams. I was a fullback, and on special occasions, a sweeper.
Women’s rugby. Let’s just say I was the oldest member of the team. I was second row, lock forward.

I’m not fast or agile. I don’t consider myself athletic. I might move slow, but I can stop a bus and power the engine room. And that’s all the talent a defensive player needs.[/quote]

Am I the only one that was aroused by this post?

Played basketball from about the age of 9 to Junior year in High School. Had tendonitis (really bad) in both knees. The combination of that and being plumb burnt out lead me to quit a few games into the season. Started weight training religiously immediately after.

Played the foozball in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. Early 9th grade year started experiencing bad, almost crippling lower back pain. A bone scan and a few X-rays later found out I had a stress fracture in my L5 vertebrae. Stuck around and helped out during practices and games but quit during off high school ball.

During college tried my hand at powerlifting. Did two competitions and had a blast.

After college joined the Army. Active duty for 4 years before getting out. I was in a Field Artillery unit so naturally we ran about 4 times a week. Developed a decent run time of 13:48 for the two mile portion of the PT test (at a weight of 225).

Towards the end of our deployment I started to develop lower back problems again. Re-deployed and started transitioning out of active duty and had an x-ray and MRI done. Now I have two herniated discs (L4 and L5). I really wanted to get back into powerlifting but due to the condition I have stopped DL and squatting.

Soccer, hockey, swimming, rugby, cricket.

Fun to pass the time, never took any of them seriously.

Childhood: Soccer and Midget Football

High School: Football and Track (200m, 100m, High Jump, Long Jump)

College: Cheerleading and some gymnastics

Not that great at football, wish I knew what I know now about training. Cheerleading I stopped at being able to do libs and (running) backhandspring-backhandspring-back tuck. Gymnastics really destroys the wrists, and it’s not fun enough to jeopardize my wrists…