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What's everyone up to these days?

I would have liked to keep doing the Anti-bb Hypertrophy program, but I need something that’s only 3 days a week now that school has started.

I was going to try EDT for fat-loss/strength. Anyone tried this routine? I started it, but I don’t think it’s going to work for me. This is a tough workout! The regular EDT program is one thing, but when you precede it with a half hour of high intensity bench presses or squats… ouch. My hamstrings were sore for 5 days and I also have some kind of shoulder injury. I know it’s my own fault for overtraining, but I’m sick of trying new stuff.

No more trying new routines just to see if they work for me. I’m going to go back to a routine I made up a long time ago and re-working it to fit my current schedule and goals (using Waterbury’s guidelines, of course). If all goes as planned, I will stay on this routine indefinately, varying the sets, reps, and exercises whenever I feel that I need to.

No real point to this post, just making conversation. What is everyone else doing in the gym these days?

My new exciting workout plan is covered in my post here:

Okay, I’m a dick. I’m actually doing Westside stuff now. Got a push/pull coming up in October that I’m trying to get ready for.


So jared you are gonna go for a competition now?

Right now, CT’s bench press specialization course+3x/week deadlifting sessions. (M: 2x5, W: 5x5. F: 5,4,3,2,1).

I’m lifting weights, as much and as often as I can.

Yes, well, 2/3 of one. There’s a push/pull on Oct. 11th. I’m probably just going to do it in a belt. (And clothes. :slight_smile:

training my butt off, just picked up some hot rox, I jacked my metabolism from too much ephedra now it is time to get it straight results are coming though, cant wait to be shredded for life cleanely:)

EDT Fat Loss right now…glad to know that i am not the only one who thinks its an ass kicker…part of it for me is just getting past the mid way point…once I am there I know I will get through a given workout…its the days when I feel like shit and struggle to break reps in the first or second PR group that I get really demoralized knowing I have a shit load of work still to do for that day

I always hear people talk about CT’s bench program, but I’ve never seen it. Is there an article on T-mag?

Don’t know. I bought the “Big Black Book of Training Secrets” and it’s been awesome. One of the best training books I’ve ever read, truth be told (and I read a lot of the damned things). It’s pretty cool stuff. My 1 RM for bench was #225 two weeks ago (lost quite a bit of strength when I dieted down at the beginning of this year). On Monday I hit a semi-close grip bench (18") 220# for a double. Not bad for two weeks of work.

Now, I’ve had a 270 bench before, but I did lose a lot of muscle. So I’m just going to go ahead and give thumbs up to this training program.


Westside right now.

Jared, you should incorporate Squats into that killer program of yours. Load 4 or 5 plates on each side of the bar, unrack it, then unlock your knees and lock them again. Whenever I do these, there are always at LEAST 5 girls staring. This exercise is even more effective in the Smith machine, since it doesn’t allow you to cheat. That’s all I do for legs. No need to work your hamstrings, no one can see them anyway.

Dude, that sounds great for a mass/strength phase. Once I stop cutting after spring break, I’ll give it a try.

Here’s what I plan to start next week:

Bench, T-bar Rows, Squats

P Snatch F (that’s how I write power snatch from the floor), 1-arm Barbell Snatch, The Bear

Dips, Chin-ups, Lunges

Monday and Friday are circuit fasion, 60s rests. I’ll start off 5x5, then when I start to plateau change to 7x4, then 10x3. Wednesdays I’ll just do whatever I want. Right now I feel like working on my snatch and a little conditioning, so that’s what I’ll do.