What's Everyone Running as of Late or Currently

What are you guys using dose, type duration and reasoning?

Me finishing up test @500 per week tapered up from 300 took 12weeks to get to 500 will ru n til 20 so 8wks at 500
And winny @50 per day start at 30 taper up to 50 and do that for 2 weeks or so
Wanted to add size, will ru n a cruise after @200 or so

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About to be at week 9 of my 15 week cycle of test e at 500mg a week. Gonna also run winny at 50mgs a day starting July 10 for 5 weeks. Never ran winny before so excited to see what happens.

Need to tell me wtf is making those guy who lift max 225lbs on the incline bench 270lbs+ shredded.

I have a new found respect for those guys, seeing how my BP went up on 350mg test I cant even imagine their health sides. Takes lot a courage to ruin yourself just to look like a fucking trenned out cow in a pen

I don’t actually know what you mean but…k

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It’s called being a better bodybuilder than you.

Suck it, bitch.


Come on guys this was actually fucking funny. I’m stealing it.


Tren e 600mg, test e 250mg, anadrol 50mg ed.

Powerlifting cycle?

No. Body recomp. A lot of powerlifters like halotestin for the cns stimulation.

Oh ok, most of my bids try to stay away from halo, cheque drops, and such until a week out, most ru n something similar to this.

What’s your E2? Mine will go over 140/90 (but not much higher) even in the 50-70 range.

A diuretic will help you piss out that extra retention and may help lower it within range, but keeping E2 in check with an AI is the optimal route.

I blast 500mg test e, 200mg Primo IM or 700mg oral, and throw in a hardener or two such as a combo of 75-125mg halodrol and 30-45mg epi.

And my cruise is 250mg test e and 100 mg Primo IM.

On both, BP rarely exceeds 140 (142 was max) over 90 and E2 stays in a range of 20-25 (though, I did recently get an E2 reading of 7… probably in a trough, since it returned to normal).

Dont know what my E2 is.

I dont pay anything out of my pocket (blood tests, gear, etc), except arimidex.

My BP is 150/something.

I take 350mg test enanthate and 0.75-1mg arimidex/week.

Finished up 8 weeks of 300 test, 600 npp with 50 mg proviron ed. 3 weeks into 500 test, 400 mast, 600 eq and will likely throw some var in around week 8 while dropping test to 250.