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what's Bush going to do

Now that the Palestinians have bombed and killed Americans, what’s Bush going to do about it?

He is going to public denounce the action, he will demand that they stop, he will withdraw aid from palestinians and he will give aid to Israel (both publicly and on the sly). So basically, the same thing he is doing now. America will not go in there for several reasons. There is no easy solution.
Best of Luck.

I agree with OL here. Bush recognizes that the Americans studying there did so with the realization that there was danger but felt compelled to for religious resons. It is also a university that arabs study at. It had been a bit of an oasis from terrorism but now some misguided miscreant has changed that. It is sad.

BTW, did you see the newspaper headlines that our former wienie wagging presiedent, Billary, has stated that he would welcome taking up a rifle to help Israel? lol. What a buffoon. I don’t remember seeing him in the service in the late 60’s. He was probably sitting under that tank in Hanoi looking up Jane Fonda’a dress and playing with his whistler.

Slick Willy taking up arms and volunteering to go to Israel? He probably just wants to go to war to get away from Hillary.

Believe it or not, Bilary was in Army ROTC! Why because it was the only draft deferment left! You should read the letter he wrote to his command to resign from ROTC when he got his Rhodes Scholarship, it tell alot about his character or lack there of.
But if I get this right, Bilary and his contingent of Secert Service with depart at sometime inthe near future to assist in the defence of Israel? Hey, Bus Driver how do you feel about this? And how is your preparation for the selection process going?
Best of Luck.


It will happen precisly as old lifter said. Afganistan ain’t shit to the hotbed that the Israeli/Palistinian problem is. The only way we’ll go after the the Palistinians is if they fly a plane into the Sears Tower and the White House, otherwise, we’ll continiue to talk peace, as if that was a realistic possibility over there. If we got involved it would be WW 3 real quick because every Arab nation would declare war on us and Isreal, then China would jump in and help the Arabs and then it would escalate.

I think this is a real possibility anyway, it's just a matter of time. The best this we could do is get Russia in bed with us, nice and tight. We need to send Putin some strippers and some good weed and get him in our pocket, then it doesn't really matter what happens over there. The Russians have oil and a huge military with alot of nukes. The Russians don't give a shit about the environment, they'll drill anywhere. Yes, we get russia there is nothing we couldn't handle.

He’s not going to do a thing, at least openly. He can’t. But, W may get slightly us slightly more involved in arranging “accidents” for some of the arabs. I’ve been thinking a bit lately, why do we have to respect violent cultures. It seems every time something comes up we’ve got some news anchor telling us that even though we are different we need to understand them and appreciate them. After all, we should celebrate diversity even if it’s a culture of violence.
I’m curious as to how this situation would be handled if the arabs did not control the oil. I would probably be more like the situation in rwanda several years ago. Aide to Bush, “They are killing each other by the thousands in the middle east.” Bush, “Oh really, that bad huh, what time is blues clues on?”
All the more reason to push for the development of cars that use alternate fuels, hydrogen, E85(ethanol), electric, etc. The new hybrid vehicles by honda and toyota are great step in the right direction. However, SUV’s the size of modular homes are a giant step in the wrong direction.

Cyman, this is off-topic but when you mentioned alternate fuels you listed hydrogen. I haven’t kept up with alternate fuel sources so could you enlighten me as to what stage of development hydrogen fueled engines are in? Thanks.

Bush should handle this situation like John Travolta states in Swordfish. They kill a few of our people we kill a few hundred of theirs. They take out an airplane of ours, we take out an airport… bastards!

I’m no authority on Hydrogen fuels but I do know that BMW has a hydrogen powered( 5 Series I think) running around Munich or Frankfurt. It’s the same engine as the gas car. None of that fuel cell stuff either. They said they had to detune the engine to make it run on gas. Now that’s impressive. Imagine a brand new Vette or Viper with very little modifications running on hydrogen. Give me a V-12 baby. I see that eventually we will all have a hydrogen powered house. Solar power to drive the hydrogen from the water, store the hydrogen and use it to supply all the energy for your home. No power or gas lines coming into your house. Every house would be self contained. Someday hopefully.

I’ve been away from a computer for the last week, so I’m coming into this discussion kinda late. What will Bush do? He’ll denounce the terrorists, say they crossed the line, that the Americans are innocent, and that they are just escalating the situation. “escalation the situation” is one of the funniest phrases I’ve heard in a long time. That’s been said for almost 2 years now, and it’s completely lost meaning or significance. The selection process is coming along slowly, on the physical side that is, as I’m still recovering from an injured ankle (torn ligaments). The selection is almost a year away, so there’s no point in rushing it. On the other hand, I talked to one of my cousins, who was in the unit for one year (the selection process is long- At first you have tryouts for one day, which is a piece of cake. If you advance from those, they invite you to try out for Sayaret Matkal, which is Delta Force/SAS, Flotilla 13, which is SEAL’s, but a little more hardcore, and chovlim, which seems to be bullshit.) Those tryouts are about 4 nights long, and they wear you down both physically and mentally, and try to make you quit. This is the first test of character, they basically want to see what you’re made of. Once you pass that stage, you’re invited to take part in the training of the unit. The training for Matkal is a year and a half, and the flotilla is 2 years. Only once you pass that (and most don’t), you are officially a warrior. Gee, I see that I kinda rambled on there… Anyway, my cousin encouraged me by telling me that its 90% mental, and being fired up and determined is the least of my concerns…

Your cousin is correct Bus Driver. Start your mental preparedness NOW. Good luck.

Your cousin is right. It is 99% mental. If you are fit enough to pass the entry test then you are fit enough to make it through. There are a number of books on mental toughness training, but if you have every made it through a marathon then you have I good idea about how to push on. When I was assisting several teams from the 101st prepare for the Best Ranger, we ran 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 events several months out, leaving plenty of time for recovery. Keep us informed and let us know if there is naything we can do to assist you. Best of Luck.