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What's Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, and Robert Oberst Up to?


Brian Shaw has released a couple of videos of them training together and always mentioning being on their feet for 12 hours the whole day prior to working out in the gym. Brian keeps saying that they can’t talk about what they’re doing right now, which got me curious. Anyone have a clue as to what are they up to? Sorry if the answer to the question is already widely known in the lifting community. Just following Brian cause he’s a really nice and funny guy. Don’t really know shit about strongman

Edit: Hall mentioned it was for a TV show at the very end of the video


I just watched the video you’re talking about (squat and sled video) and seems like they’re shooting some kind of movie or documentary. And yeah they talked about moving a lot of crap and working hard while taping. They actually bleep our what Eddie hall said “those bleeps we moved were really heavy” something along those lines.

Yeah in any case I was super interested and I haven’t heard anything about it.


Yeah it’s that one. Oh I didn’t catch the part about moving heavy stuff. I guess we all just have to wait for it to know what it really is. Quite excited


Saw this in a youtube comment


Oh nice nice! Didn’t see that. Thank you! Can’t wait!


That’s awesome thanks I’ll get popcorn that’ll be good


It would indeed be awesome! Youtube comments aren’t known for being reliable though, hopefully it isn’t made up.


Eddie is the bold boy of the gang, he’s as funny as hell and as rude, but is doing it for a laugh, still crazy strong lol