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What's Biotest Working On Next?

What do you guys have in store for us next? More new flavors? Any new products in the works? I’m a huge fan of your guys products, and I’m anxious to hear what, if anything, is in the works. That is, if you’re willing to share.

Read what Bill had to say (He’s one of the masterminds behind Biotest’s products).


Hopefully a multivitamin.

[quote]tmoney1 wrote:
Hopefully a multivitamin.[/quote]

As much as I would like to get a multivitamin in the T-store for a reasonable price, I would much rather them put their efforts into something a tad more exciting, wouldnt you?

Spike pretty much blew the doors off the Energy market in my opinion, and HOT-ROX aint bad either(energy wise, havent done it long enough for fat loss results.)