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What's Better: Failing or Making the Last Rep/Last Set?


Hi, i was wondering Which way is better to do my workouts.

I guess i have been a little obsessed with doing a lot of weight lately, and have been finding myself failing the last reps (on the last set) of many exercises. Is it best to do it this way, or go a little less on the weight and finishall the reps? I really feel like im going all out when i fail, but the feeling of never finishing makes me a little upset… At the same time sometimes i can feel that i barely make the last rep, but then i have not gone to failure, or maybe what i think is my full potential for the workout.

So in short words: should i have enough weights to fail on the last set, or have a little less and finish it?
My goal is of course becoming bigger in mucle mass.

Thanks for all answers😊


Depends what you are doing I guess but generally you are training. Unless you are training to miss lifts, I don’t really understand missing reps.


From my own experience, lower the weight and get in the habit of never missing a lift.


I’m with tsantos and MarkKO here. Aim to never miss a lift because of muscular failure on the main lifts. Work up to RPE10 or no reps left in the tank and never start a rep unless you are sure you will get it. Technical failure is acceptable but should be avoided.