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What's Best ??


Whats best for an 18 year old 150 pound 6'4 wanting to gain muscle .. i have weight gain and creatine burst now if thats not good stuff let me know..whats better ? Spike, HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, RED KAT ,Grow!, Surge ?? plz fill me in ..


I'm going to go with lifting weights and eating, bro! That OUGHT to do it. :slightly_smiling:



eat everything you can

eat anytime you want


Food, lots of food.

See Dave Barr's Big Bulking Tips.

Those supplements are great, but you really don't need them at this point.


yeah i know eat alot but it doesnt seem like its doing anything lol .. and when you say eat everything i cant just eat junk food thats not good .. i lift and eat and im still skinny !.. and thx for the tips


yeah i was just woundering if its worth me takin that stuff .. i work out and eat .. thx for the help


You'd be surprised how much or how little you're actually eating. Start a food log and see how much you're eating. You can use www.fitday.com they have a free online food log. Also, tell us how you're training.

Once you know how much you need to improve, you can begin to add more quality calories. The typical advice applies: post workout nutrition, tons of protein and good carbs, and don't forget to eat your veggies and fruit.


well i go to the gym ( i went 4 times ) so i decided to buy a bench press and weights exc.. so i eat alot and just work out ! bench, push ups, crunches and i run on the tredmill if thats not enough let me know ill start goin to the gym but its so far away ..


At 6'4 and 150
You can't possibly be eating as much as you think. These are not put down advice one liners here. You have to eat.
Ice cream, peanut butter, whole milk,don't forget fats. Almonds,walnut,fish flax olive oil are good ways to add dense calorie type foods.
Keep a log. See what you eat and when.
It's imperative that you eat before bed.
It's just as important to eat upon awakening.


So i will start to eat alot more now and should i keep on drinking my weight gain and creatine ? and im goin to start a log on what i eat and when i eat


You'll need to do some big compound exercises like deadlifts and squats to start putting on some mass. If you have a bench and weights, you can start to do some deadlifts at home, although eventually you'll need a good amount of weight. What kind of weight set do you have?


Once again I have to recommend the fool-proof formula: Natural peanut butter + lots of whole milk.


I was once you. Eat every thing in sight and then eat some more. If you do not feel like you are going to be sick from eating too much at all times you are doing something wrong. Most people eat when they are hungry, you will eat when you are not full. Notice the diffrence. Seriously, eat every 2.5 hours religiously. I put on 30 pounds in 3-4 months and you can too if you work at it. Start with 3000kcals a day writing down what you eat and once you get to about 175 bump that up to 3500kcals at 200 go to 4000kcals. If you work hard you can weigh over 174 pounds in 4 months and around 200 in 8 months.


As far as exercise do something like Westside for Skinny Bastards. It will take you where you want to be.


i just have a bench press where you can do flat and incline bench press.. i have about 200 pounds of weights for my bench and 80 pounds for my curls.. see i would go to the gym alot more often if my friends werent lazy ! and it wasnt so far away


Whats Westside for skinny bastards ? and should i still drink my weight gain and creatine ?


You beat me to it. I don't normally do this, but for a fucker who is 6'4 and 150, you need it. Here's the link:


Follow it exactly, and look up Vroom's thread "Are you a begninner II". You 'll get all you need



Okay, okay. Mercy.


Read. Learn. Lift. Eat. Grow.

Dan "Buck fifty at 6'4, huh?" McVicker


OK I read your first two posts, gagged a little bit, and then proceeded to hit the "Reply" button without reading the rest of the posts, so excuse me if I'm repeating anyone.

Eating doesn't seem to do the trick? Eat more. I'm serious. There's no such thing as a person with a metabolism SO fast that eating enough won't put on mass. If it takes 5000 calories a day, do it. And no, you shouldn't just eat anything. Eat healthy foods, but they're not hard to come by.

You will NEED a food log, and you will have to come to terms with the fact that you will have to

a) spend more time in the kitchen then you already do
b) clean the kitchen more than you are
c) take shit from people calling you a health freak
d) eat so much you feel like puking
e) probably puke at least once trying to eat so much food
f) shop EVERY WEEK
g) spend more money on food than you are

I think that covers it. I won't go into the details of what foods you should eat, check out Berardi's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutrition Plans (or something) article first, then Massive Eating I and II. Make a food log, and try to break 3000 calories from now (I bet you're not, even though you think you might). Do this for 2-3 months. If you still aren't gaining weight, move up to 3500. Hell, why not start at 3500 if you can manage it. The point is it will suck, you'll hate it, and you'll probably quit and take steroids, but it's definitely possible, you just have to want it bad enough.

As far as supplements, I wouldn't bother with them for now. Supplements SUPPLEMENT your diet. Get that down first, and then ask some people who know about them (not me) and find out which you should take. The only product you should buy is Grow! powder, and Grow! bars if you want. The Grow! will help you add some protein, cuz trust me it's hard to eat chicken with oatmeal. Once you get your diet in good order, then look to other supplements. Hell, MRPs aren't even supplements.

Training? I don't know. Westside for Skinny Bastards if you want. I just use my own program. Hit the big core lifts and don't be a pussy. The more hormonoes you release with each lift (read, do core lifts) the bigger you'll get. If you don't squat, deadlift, press, or row, you fail at life.

Go have fun.


While I think the big lifts are important, I wouldn't go quite so far as to suggest you'll fail at life without them.

It seems you are a bit limited with weight and equipment, but that doesn't eliminate all the possibilities.

The single best exercise you can do is pull-ups. On this site alone there exist many references to pull-ups. Search and find. Push-ups are readily available to you. It was a staple move in a massive chest article by Chad Waterbury himself.

You can row and bench press with your available euipment.

You can do burpees and body squats for legs. The list is endless. Don't let your limitations stifle you. Use your imagination. Pick something up, then do it again.

And listen, eating is important, but it's not so important that you have to puke. You're not going to put this weight on in a month, and you're not looking for immediate results here. Just begin by increasing your current daily intake by 500 cals. Adjust for a week or two and add another 250. Continue this and as you begin to see changes you can adjust your diet to better meet your goals.

It's a journey man, not a destination. Just satart by taking steps in the direction you want to head.