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What's Best to Get Back the Muscle Lost Due to Injury?


Hey–So I’m 55 and coming off a 2 level lumbar spinal fusion and I’ve had bad knees since my 20’s. I was in great shape but haven’t been able to lift for almost a year and have 2 months 'till I can finally resume. I’m looking to get back the 20+ lbs of muscle I’ve lost and have zero experience with pharm.

Any advice as to which product is best for putting on quality muscle that will (at least mostly) remain after the cycle ends?

I’ll be able to get my hands on anything available by prescription and prefer to go that route.



I don’t think that pharma is the way you should go right now. I suggest you get on some consistent training and a good diet to make sure you can safely train without any problems for an extended period of time.


Thanks MJ. Thing is that my legs have gotten really, really skinny. I wont be able so squat or deadlift with any meaningful weight and my knees feel/work much, much better when I have some muscle to support them so I need to rebuild my thighs without further damaging my worn-out joints. My thinking is if I rehab/train 2-3 months to reestablish a fitness base then do a cycle I’ll be back to a good place.


Running a cycle puts you at risk for overdeveloping muscles at a rate that exceeds your joints capacity to adapt. If you’re recovering from a serious injury/surgery, I highly recommend against this approach. If it were me, I would lift until I was back at the leve I was prior to the injury, and then I would consider AAS. It sounds like you are impatient to be back where you were. And I can assure you, impatience, mixed with chemical assistance, is the quickest way to end up right back under a surgeon’s knife.


I strongly suggest that you do labs and see what needs attention.

IGF-1 to eval GH
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol
AM cortisol - at 8AM or one hour after waking up

TSH should be near 1.0, the lab ranges are bogus.

If you are not using iodized salt, you will probably be iodine deficient and have low body temperatures. Should be near 97.7 when you wake up and also be hitting 98.6 mid-afternoon. Thyroid hormone fT3 controls your energy levels and vitality.

More on these issues at the T-replacement forum, see the second post in the only sticky there.