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Whats Best for Low Testosterone


Hello everyone. Im 24, a personal trainer, and just found out that my testosterone is low. Doc says it not to low to actually have replacement therapy. But damnit I feel like I need it. Everything from my worksout, job performance and love life has suffered. What are some over the counter products that can help? Thanks for the help.



I feel for you--I suffer from it, too. I am on T-replacement, but it just gets me to the normal range, and I would like to get a bit higher. Just ordered my first bottle of Alpha Male, as I've had good results from the other stuff that the muscle geeks at Biotest have concocted. I will let you know how it goes, but look Alpha Male up in here for what others say.
As far as the OTC stuff you could take, Yohimbe, DHEA, and tribulus (sp?) can help, but I've read left and right on this site that they are second rate. They are cheap enough to experiment with, though.


Try Alpha Male, RED KAT, or TRIBEX. All work wonders when used as directed.


I have an order to get mine tested. Did you have to fast for the blood test? I am also wondering if certain food that I eat a lot of - namely green tea and tumeric - might be lowering my t levels. Any thoughts?


The post above has told you the answer to your question but I thought I would let you know your options and concentrate of a few other aspects of the problem just fyi....

Things like Alpha Male effective but again for only as long as you take them: you're young and already have T issues so I'd firstly recommend looking at making the most of what you have;

I am sure you have looked at this hard already but for now try and change around with the other factors in your life. As a personal trainer you understand the effect diet, exercise, stress and rest can have. Try and maximise the benefits to be gained form these, cut back (where you can) on the endurance work any way you can and get ample rest (though I understand about the early mornings etc) generally try and identify the stress factors and reduce them.

You would be amazed what these changes can do for symptoms connected to low T.

Also if it was me, I'd get a second opinion, doctors are just humans with their own views and prejudices. In your like of work health is all the more important, get tests done to ascertain why your T level is so low. If it were me I'd get them to do a full blood work to check related hormone levels you can also get them to check your hypothalamus and pituitary for abnormalities. Be assertive if you have to, tell them what checks you want and get them to give you the results so you have a record of the facts - not just their opinion on the facts. If your T is borderline low then that may be enough for another doctor - especially at 24


realise that T therapy, if you are given it, is a ball and chain (albeit a sometimes welcome one) - a lifetime commitment and one that may not be covered by insurance etc so (as you say) you should look at all the other options unless it is really neded.

There are two ways you can go non prescription or prescription : it's controversial but arimidex taken a couple of times a week has been shown to boost T by as much as 40%. again that you would take two times a week from now until the year dot and your doctor will take convincing.

Best of luck mate. Let us know how it goes.


All this really helps. Thanks guys starting to work on it now.


Yeah. Have you done any cycles without proper PCT? How are you feeling?


I suspect you are on a lowfat diet? Had the same issue once I started a lowfat diet.

Increase your fat intake. Fat promotes hormone production.


There are many factors in T levels...
As others have advised try to bring up T levels naturally before going on T therapy.
Get more sleep.
Get more sunshine.
Try ZMA or at least some Zinc.
Eat more fat, especially Omega 3's, olive oil and eat those egg yolks.
Eat more carbs. Too low of carbs seems to lower my T levels. Carb intake does vary from person to person. Eat your veggies.
Relax. De-stress.
Cut down on the cardio for now.
Try Alpha Male. It rules!
And don't forget Oral health, it can greatly affect T levels. Cavaties? Gum disease? Get metal fillings out of your mouth if you have any.
Good luck to you.


SOLID dite first then supplements. Alpha Male is great. But is a Supplement to an allready solid Base


My understanding of T-replacement is that it is just the same as AAS use in that it suppresses the natural production of testosterone in the body. You may be at a normal range for Testosterone right now, but I would venture that you body's natural production has all but shut off and will require something along the lines of clomid to restart it. I do not agree with T-replacement in normal healthy males because of this reason. I would stick with improving diet, increasing good fats, proper sleep and supplementing with ZMA and Alpha Male.



as far as I know there little further down regulation unless the levels become superphysiological for a while or if you are controlling estradiol levels using an anti estrogen/aromatase such as arimidex. These would shut down the hyp-pit-test axis due to the regulatory feedback mechanisms.

I think there has been androgen receptor changes but observed in animal models but I have to admit I haven't read enough about that to feel comfortable writing about it. Maybe Cy will chip in if he sees this.

Again this kind of hormone replacement therapy isn't given out like aspirin as it is hard to regulate and wrongly handle can itself very real problems.

As everyone has said the focus should be on enviroment and diet but not just poly/mono unsaturated fats but also on saturated fats as well.


Try the Anabolic Diet, along with Alpha Male. Throw in some Biotest M.
Keep getting tested at regular intervals by an honest-to-God endocrinologist.

If after all of this you're still low, you are a member of the HRT club, just like me!


Deadlift like a caveman.


Not kidding about the deadlifting. Do it like a caveman. Not like a Neanderthal because they rode their superior brain pans into extinction whilst the cavemen with their smaller minds flourished and went on to develop WiFi, Dairy Queens, and tribal arm band tattoos.

Healthy fats are good, sleep is good, and brief, intense multijoint heavy stuff is good.

Brevity is important, I keep it under 45 minutes if possible. I've read, and experienced, that brief intense sessions will increase testosterone, growth hormone, etc.


I've read the studies, and, assuming you start out with levels that are truly below the normal range, testosterone replacement will not really change your body's natural output, because it does not lift it above--or anywhere near--maximum levels. Since I started out so low (around 280 ug/dl), t-replacement brings me to the 500-600 range.

Normal is around 480-1050, depending on the source. That's a big range, and why products like Alpha Male can help if you're in the lower end without shooting you to dangerous level.