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What's Best for Healing/Recovery?

Ive been trying to recover from a herniated disc… Running HGH 4-6 iu 3on 1 off 2 on 1 off repeat with 200mg test cyp weekly(maintenece dose)… Eaiting pretty clean…mostly cardio, yoga, and body weight stuff. Doc says 3 months to heal the disc… Back feels much much better after 4 weeks… But really wanting to get back in shape… Anything besides H help with speeding up healing?

I cant speak from experience on this one but have you looked into compounds like TB 500 and BPC 157? I have anecdotally seen people saying they are amazing healing compounds.

I have no idea if BPC 157 works on herniated disc.
You do have to inject it sub-Q near the area of pain.
It really does the job for me on sore tendons.
Like what we get in our forearms around the elbow from over use.

IMO It’s pretty cheap and would be worth trying.

Shit, I don’t mess with back issues. Tbh, I’d fly ro Birmingham AL and see Dr Andrews :wink:

Thanks Bros I will look into it…

Looks like not hard to find

It’s not that bad… Blown out discs generally just need rest, rehab & not doing the activity that pops it out…so for me that means no bending over or squeezing it… So no picking up stuff off ground, squats or ohp… it’s allot like having broken ribs…your body is the cast u gotta just not move…keep it straight up & down let disc heal…it’s kinda like a cartilage or bone… most docs don’t recommend surgery a disc can heal on its own.

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Hopefully, it gets better. I just know two people who’ve ended up with nerve issues from one.

orderd the bpc 157 after some research super easy to find… can you pin it sq or do u gotta pin it at pain site? also seems like the mix is 5mg to 2.5 bac water then pin 1iu 2x a day for 4 weeks… let me know if thats about the jist of it…
thanks :wink:

Using a peptide calculator. My bottles are 5mg and I add 4ml of bat water. The recommended dose is 250 mcg’s(0.10 on syringe) at the site of pain but injected subQ every day.
Just pinch up a wad of skin and stick it in there. A 31ga easy tough is painless. If you can’t reach the area you will need a friend to help. This dose is from the peptide maker.

I have done 4x the recommended dose. 500mcg.(0.20ml) in each arm. I have brachioradialis pain at the elbow that can last for weeks which limits my lifting. I can have a throbing pain and 15 minutes after injections I have no pain.

Im not sure it will have a dose thing… as you know they all say not for human use and yur kinda on yur own maybe Ill be wrong… On the net I saw most 5mg vials guys using 2.5 -3 …but yea pretty common dose is 10units… Its gonna be hard to reach…My injury is low back L5 I can maybe pinch some fat near it… So if I cant reach site is it not gonna work? I can get close but I live by myself so a helper isnt gonna happen…unless I can train my cat

I honestly don’t know if this will work on spine injuries.
I can say it really works for me on muscle and tendon pain(like tennis elbow) from over use.

I got my dosing info from BenGreenfield fitness. He wrote a excellent article. I’d post a link but the mods will just delete it so do a google for it. Its worth a read.
To know if you’ve fould the right article the first paragraph reads like this:

its a disc so I cant really inject in the disc the muscle or fat near it but I just dont see why that matters?? Ive pinned alot of stuff and so far SQ is SQ and IM is IM…The body absorbs it and does what it does… Only time I ever had a spot injection was cortisisone in my shoulder

I honestly don’t know. The article and a peptide calculator is all I know about how to use it.
For my issue it worked great and I sub-Q’d as close to the pain as I could get.
Lower back issues/injuries are big deals. My wifes spine is full of titanium screws plates and baskets to hold doner bone. Her x-ray are very scary to look at. We used to rodeo with horses in our youth and she hit the ground more than once. None of her injuries ever healed the pain just got worse until surgery was the only out. After two surgeries and being out of work for almost 2 years she feel great. All this was 20 years ago.