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Whats Best for Fewest Injections a Week


I did a test phynelpropionate cycle a while back. Wasnt all that bad. I really liked it due to the fact that it only called for injections about every 4 days. anyways, just wondering if there is anything out there that is better/more potent than the test phynelpropionate, that I dont have to inject every day or even every two days.

I love the primoject, but it calls for everyday injections. I have read that test enanthate doesnt call for no more than 1 injection a week. Is this true? Also, wich brand of test enanthate would be best. I have read lots of good reviews.


Why dont you read the stickied threads?

And phenylprop should be injected EOD. Enanthate twice weekly, minimum.

No discussing brands here, this isnt a source board. If youd read the stickies you would have known that.


I did read several, none of them even mentioned anything about how often pynel or enanthate are to be used. how about you tell me one in specific then.


ok, so back to square one. I have read several stikies. They did mention how much was to be used weekly, but they did not mention how often they are to be used within that week. I would have posted these questions on those forums, but Im not trying to hi-jack anyone's thread.

Also, Im a little more concerned about which test is better. phenyl or enanthate? What I read on the phenyl I had, it said every 4 days? This info came directly from the source it was obtained from. I was just told that its every other day? But like I said, Im a little more concerned about which test is better. Also, sorry for posting brands earlier.


Test is test.... there is no better or worse. The faster acting the ester, the more actual test per mg of product you will receive.

Most sources give out horrible information which I find very strange, but you shouldn't listen to them. I've never eve come across phenyprop on its on.

Just use test enanthate at 500mg/wk, it will only be two injections per week, and if you can't do that, then don't use.


^^^ Thanks bro. What I meant by better was, which form of test is better for keeping gains after you come off of it. I use arimidex for AI and tamoxifen for PCT. All in all it seems like enanthate is the way to go. I did receive great gains from only one bottle of test phenylprop. Not sure if it was my eating or training. But for one bottle it wasn't bad. I went from 190 to 211. I have been off of it for a little over a month now, and I currently weigh 205-208.

Again, I appreciate the response. Thx


as he said, test is test. What you hold onto after coming off depends on diet training, pct, and how fast and well you recover from exo test usage.


This is true, however you also need to keep in mind that the ester determines the absorption rate, which determines how quickly your levels will drop once your cycle's done, which determines when to start your PCT.


thank you bill nye