What's Available OTC Where You're At?

Curious what AAS are available OTC wherever you are…

I’m in USA, West Coast, so I can buy all the Alcohol and Cannabis I want, but NOTHING in the way of AAS is available OTC.

Funny priorities there, I can get wasted but not jacked…?

Good article from a few years back mentioning good ole T-Nation. You are sitting on a veritable treasure trove of Rx, legal AAS where you are. No need to do UGL. And OTC (even if AAS were OTC) would be very problematic as there’s little QC and no oversight. The devils in the details and you have to do the work, have the right Rx indication, money to get it done. You are also not limited by your geography given all the options with telemedicine, etc. What the educated consumer soon finds is that after pushing past TRT, the reward usually will not exceed the risk.

AAS should be brought back to pre-1990 status as Rx medications that aren’t on the controlled list. That’s what the DEA argued for at the time. Maybe if “Sleepy Joe” gets elected, he will make amends and help remedy the mess he helped make.

Oh yeah, your “jackedness to negative side effect ratio” is genetics (assuming you’ve 100% dialed in everything else…diet, training, blah blah). That’s why I always describe freely available, quality AAS as “be careful what you wish for”. AAS are not the least bit selective in terms of the skeletal muscles you want to build vs the internal ones you don’t (like heart :slight_smile:). I don’t know anyone who biopsies their various muscle tissues to determine androgen receptor sensitivity prior to using. Unfortunately, some find out after the experiment.


Nandrolone, Oxandrolone, Test, HGH & peptides all readily Rx’d thru clinics these days. Now if they’d only add in Masteron …

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WOW… had no idea…

And stanozolol. But pretend that it isn’t.

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Honestly I left that one out cos I wasn’t sure I could spell it correctly and didn’t want to look it up lol


Doubt you’ll ever see Drostanolone or Metenolone compounded legitimately in US. I guess there’s always the option to travel to Costa Rica and find that pharmacy mentioned on here with the compounded trenbolone, but I’d be curious if that is legitimate.

@Stevedb4x4, how did that turn out?

I’ve heard of a few clinics overseas/pharmacies scripting/compounding and selling trenbolone to customers

Despite being horrendous for longevity… I suppose procuring legitimate product + having guidance by a supervision triumphs UGL use.

I’d advocate for scripted, physician assisted AAS use as opposed to the way use is currently treated (strictly black market/under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system) or an unregulated alternative.

There was a store a fair drive out from me selling methylstenbolone and sarms OTC earlier this year, I think they’ve been shut down now.

I never bothered to procure any of their product. If I was going to use (been quite a while) I’d rather acquire product with attached sufficient human data so I can semi accurately gauge the risk/reward profile associated with use.