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What's an Easygainer?


Hi, just wondering I'm someone who seems to have a particularly slow metabolism. I'm not really fat, but I do have to watch what I eat, far more so than most other people (except fattys).

I saw a post where Retailboy said that he managed to bulk on something like 2500 cals, I've done the same.

Where I might be different though is that I seem to be a mix of endo/ecto/meso. I have bigger lower body, a fairly broad natural 'V' shape but a smaller than average bone structure. Also I'd say that I put on muscle at a reasonably average rate.

Peronally, I think I'd describe myself as a mix of endo/meso/ecto, with meso being dominant.

Are all easygainers predominantly endo?


To answer the question flat-out, I'd say "easygainers" are generally mesomorphs. They adapt quickly and efficiently to most forms of exercise. If you're talking bodyfat, though, then I'd say yes. Most "easyfatgainers" would be true endomorphs.

That being said, I've never been a big fan of the endomorph/mesomorph/ectomorph classification. I think you'll find that the overwhelming majority are some kind of mix, making the class systems mostly useless.

I think you'd be better of (and have less headaches) if you pretend you've never heard of those categories and keep doing what you've been doing; that is, learning what works and doesn't work for your own body, irrespective of what may or may not work for others.


I agree with everything you just said, I believe it is good to ignore the body types to a certain degree, cause we can morph into different types and be in between them. Also it is very important to understand we all have different speed of mobilization, which means we all shouldn't jump on the bandwagon of 3500+ daily caloric intake.

I'm glad to find someone else out there successfully bulking around 2500-3000 calories, it seems to be rare on this site in particular.