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What's an Average Squat?


What is an average squat?

I weight 170 lbs (5'8) and can squat 275 for 3 sets of 10 (followed by a 145 lb burnout), is this below or above average squat?


Wow! Totally below average. At 170, you should be able to quarter squat at least 500 lbs for 27 reps, followed by tricep kickback burnout.


i wasnt bragging at all, i was just curious. i just think its a better lift of mine as compared to my ridiculously puny upper body


this sounds like something the guys over at bodybuilding.com would love to discuss but not reallly som much over on this site

and to answer your questions...wtf does it matter? JUST LIFT AND GET STRONGER



Decent chart that might help. I do agree with the "Just lift and get stronger" mentality. But sometimes curiosity gets the better of you or just seeing how you stack up compared to others can motivate you to do better.


thanks a lot i appreciate it...i guess i'm an intermediate then...actually for all my lifts


It's all relative of course, but 275 for sets of 10 at 170 is a pretty solid squat.


Are those ass-to-the-grass?


Yeah good question, because a lot of guys I see in the gym I work out at do these gay barely 1/4 squats and re-rack the bar like they've done something emaculate.


It doesn't matter like people have said, just keep getting stronger and don't care what other people are doing.

Though an average person who lifts should be able to do 2 plates for 10-My opinion-. Good in my eyes would be 405 for 10. This is with good form also.

I'm more impressed with proper form then anything, when I see a guy even if he isn't very strong and is doing good lifts with proper form I'm impressed. As this is very rare at a commercial gym. For example a squat slightly below parallel slow going down and controlled.


im guessing ur doing ur squats improperly because at least 90% of ppl that i see squatting are
a legit squat is just breaching parallel... and im gonna doubt ur doing that for 3 sets of 10


Agreed. And I lift at a university gym.


I say the squat is too hard to judge.
There are many leverage factors that come into play.

Squat depth has a lot to do with it, but I find what makes squats even harder is going low AND keeping the hips and knees far forward (like an Olympic lifter). That usually requires elevated heels.

If I squat with my knees and hips back (like a powerlifter) I can add more weight, but my quads don't get nearly as good of a workout.