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What's an Arnold Press?





Grasp dumbbells; palms facing body, elbows flexed.


Raise dumbbells by extending elbows; abduct and internally rotate shoulders to straight arm position. Lower to original position and repeat.



Why would you choose to do these instead of the standard military press?


Because its got a cool name.


...because the rotation hits more of the shoulder muscle as you lift.


probably for the side delt

these work the medial head probably 2 or 3 times better than astandarm military press would

Arnold Presses will do wonders for your delts

I like to rotate the elbows out and then dumbbells around to start the movement , then finsih by pressing it up
and turning the palms towards you again on the way back down

Dips rock too.


Arnolds are bad ass, and you'll know the next day why often.

I still think they are supplemental to OH Barbell Presses. They are the most bad ass because girls stare in wonder when plates are going high into the air, and it makes the guys who are benching 135-185ish look really weak.

I use both, but on different days of the week as my heavy shoulder exercise.


I think I'm going to reincorporate these into my program. My medial delts are starting to lag behind and I hate lateral raises. Maybe this is the key.