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what's all this tank/wife beater bashing?

LOLOLOL. You need to join WBA…Wife Beaters Anonymous. Repulsive psuedo thugs. Tough guys. lol LOSERS!!!

Hey some of you holier than thou “T-men” need to quit worrying about what other people are doing in the gym and remember for every person in your gym that may not have perfect form or great gym clothes there are about 1000 people in the drive thru at McDonald’s. So lighten up, lift some damn weight, and give these people the credit they deserve for at least giving it a shot.

AKIRA, I’ll second that motion… Amen, bro.

I wear wife beaters. Tank tops. Whatever you want to call them. I just think they’re comfortable. I don’t wear them to the gym, I could give a fuck about the people that do, its their choice. As for those sleeveless shirts…way, way too gay. Pardon my homophobia, but every guy I see wearing one of these things in public looks seriously flaming. I’d rather wear a beater on a hot day and look like a hick than look like a queen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to grab a six and slap my wife. TK

Note: a tank top and a wife beater aren’t the same thing. Wife beater = ribbed tight undershirt worn by old men and young rednecks with mullets. Stains optional but encouraged. Tank tops are different. I like wearing a tank when it’s hot, or at least sleeveless and it has nothing do to with showing off. Wife beaters may not either. They’re just bad taste, like working out in stained boxer shorts.

Nay nay na nay nay! As I said, wifebeaters are for potbellied losers!

I’d rather wear a beater than look like a big gay clown wearing “bodybuilder” attire

Freeb: Being a card carrying Microsoft monkey Butler is nothing to brag about. A person doesn’t need to know diddly fuck about computers to become MCSE ‘certified’. Unix meh’ boy, that’s where it’s at.

I don’t give a shit what people wear to the gym. As long as the hot babes wear something tight and or revealing, the ugly pigs wear something loose, the guys don’t fucking STARE at me, and EVERYONE wears deodorant: I’m a happy man.

Anything less is uncivilized.

Most girls I know think that guys in wife beaters look gay! I have nothing against them, that’s just what they tell me. Everyone looks big in a wife beater. I’m not sure about them. If anyone can enlighten me, please do.

Wear what you want to wear, but I personally think they look silly.

Guess what? it took me hours and months of studying so hell freakin yea I’m proud of it.

All the msf bashing to me is like the whining of little girls… uh microsoft doesn’t play fair cuz they have 90% of market share waaaah

well guess what? it didn’t happen cuz a wizard did it, it happened because they made it happen.

Hey Freebie, quit surfin’ the web and get your wife-beater wearin’ tight lil’ @ss back to work!

Freeb: I’m not one of those people bitching about their market share. Personally I believe that a truly Adam Smith flavored free market should rein supreme. Fuck government regulation. My point with the MCSE is that I know multiple people who passed the tests who’d -never logged into Windows NT-. Who -didn’t know HOW to log into Windows NT-! Unfortunately I’m not kidding. MCSE’s are a dime a dozen nowadays. You would be wise to learn unix. THAT is something to brag a little bit about. Of all my IT friends, the unix dudes and dudette are secure that if they get laid off, they’ll find something within a month. The others are shitting a brick wrapped in cabbage. My other issue with Microsoft is that, aside from their games, their software has this tendency to either crash every other day (if yer lucky), or unnecessarily waste so many system resources that you’re forced to edit the registry and find drivers for a couple hours in order to make things bearable. (That is bearable if you have an understanding as to what the hardware is capable of, and what it’s actually doing. Literally, aside from gaming: Installing a Microsoft product on a computer is like tying a brick to a dog’s head intending to make it run ‘better’.) Bill Gates is intelligent and has good intentions, however: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Our world is one filled with sheeple. Too many humans willing to take it up the ass for the sake of ‘security’. What they don’t realize is that their ‘security’ is only as real as their imaginations, well –lack- of imaginations. Years pass and they wonder what happened to their lives. And PoOf! It’s over.

yes there are “paper mcse” people out there. But come job interview or come time to perform and they tank. So they are of little concern to me. Right now I believe the number stands at 1 mil mcp (mcse=multiple mcp for those that don’t know, so mcse, mcsd are factored into this count), and 1/4 a mil of mcse in the world. That’s not a dime a dozen… Unix sure… learning something can never be a bad thing. Problem is I am tired of all the msf bashing, if you were in Bill Gate’s spot you would do the same exact thing… Also I wear tanks not wife beaters (tho I wear those under the sweaters I wear for corporate casual dress code… they feel like getting a hug from the universe all day long… mmm toasty).

Freeb: :wink: Job interviews are easy to lie through if you take control of the conversation and can memorize well. All you basically have to do is learn a few catch sentences to say them in an off hand way so they think you learned it from doing it. From there it’s all about reading them and derailing the conversation in your direction. In large companies the humans will typically hire someone if they think they’ll get along with them on a daily basis. As for perfomance, it’s kinda of a funny thing about that… 1. Typically in IT jobs they’ll give you a couple weeks and up to a month to get ‘up to speed’ on how things run. They’ll walk you around the labs, logging into the machine and such and it’s wise to carry a notebook with you to write everything down. It’s a monkey see, moneky do world bub, not that hard to get away with it. 2. Even if they start suspecting you as a fraud, if they like you they won’t say anything, assuming you are progressing. 3. It’s very expensive to hire a person and legally dangerous to fire them without hardcore facts. Suspicion just aint enough for big companies to fuck around with. Typically they’ll dump the losers when it comes time to trim the fat (layoffs) and when there’s the choice between the new dummy, and the old asshole everybody hates (there is always a couple): Guess who’s getting the axe?
As for your other point: Dime a dozen means that they are so common, that they’re valueless in the industry. That is exactly MCSE’s currently are.
For your second to last point: No, I wouldn’t have done what Gates has if I were in his position. Nice try. He’s got one of the worst cases of ‘turkey neck’ I think I’ve ever seen in a man. I seriously believe that he takes estrogen injections specifically to achieve it. In reference to his management style, I’d have spent more time and money on refining the OS years ago. I also have T.C. as my very bestest friend. I would even buy T.C. a pony of his very own.

I was hoping this dumb thread had died and now it has popped up again and turned into a profession or credentials bashing forum. I don’t like wife beaters myself and my wife, as well as most women I know, hate them. However, it is the person under the threads that makes the man. For whatever reason, wife beater and, to a lessor extent, tank top wearers, seem to try and act tougher than the polo shirt workout crowd. But that is just my observation and, besides, who really gives a sheet? Avoids Roids out.

So if I wear my wife beater to the gym that I had under a shirt after going to an interview with my paper certs in hand and curl in the squat rack and pose between sets, ya think we can all get along?