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Whats All This About?


My friend who is 16 hasn't gone to the gym in over 3 weeks. The guy has always been much leaner than me and hes taller with bigger measurements so I know this guy should be stronger than me. But I've always been behind him on all the major lifts by 2-3kgs nothing that substantial.

I thought in the 3 weeks if I trained my ass off I would have a chance to catch him.

He goes back to the gym and lifts 15kg more than he did the last time he went. To be honest I didn't find this all that normal. I mean what the hell. The guy says he takes no supps, I take Maximuscle Cyclone post-workout and I'm just not catching this guy despite my hard work.

Whats all that about?


I think you find way too many things to worry about. Just focus on the weight in front of you and lift.


x2 Remember it is you against the iron, not your friend.


Not to be a jerk, but maybe your diet sucks and your training is nothing special either. Sometimes you have to train harder to get fewer results. It sucks, but oh well. We're all different.

But like people have been saying - don't worry about your friend. Just lift the weight and eat. You'll be fine.

btw - You avatar is awesome!