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What's a T-Man to do...?

(This post is somewhat akin to the other posts on women and penis’s 'n stuff, but I put it here for clarity)

Here I am in the local bookstore, after book for a friends 25th, and find one on “better dates how to understand women” (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s impossible). So I get in line, and soon realise that the MOST LUSHESS(?) GIRL IN EXISTENCE is standing in front of me! Words simply cannot describe this beauty… and to my surprise, once she knows I’m there she decides to look over her shoulder (quite a few times) to inspect the back of the store in fine detail and for no good reason, while catching quick glimpses of none other than ME! I was wearing a singlet, and am fairly lean, so I had good sh!t poping out of everywhere, and she obviously wanted a piece of this eye-candy behind her (yeah, my head’s swollen a little, in every way…). It wasn’t too hard to tell. And all I did was stand there in stunned silence, awestruck, and trying not to foam at the mouth. I even passed her in the supermarket a few minutes later and nearly fell on my face…

My question is, WHAT THE HELL WAS I TO DO??? I sooo wanted to score with her, even talking would’ve made my day! She was that fine! How the hell do pick up in a damn shopping centre??? Anyone ever had any luck?

(It only ocurred to me later that while standing behind her in that bookstore, I was holding a book on how to score…! Doh! [slaps head] )