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What's a Strong Closegrip Floorpress?

Well, then 5x bw with a 30 minute pause would be great. Get after it.

lol…I like how the people who said “who cares” have responded more than once already.

[quote]thefreshmanverve wrote:
You hear that a 3X BW pull is impressive a 2X BW squat for a few reps
is impressive what about cg fp?

Is a 1.5 X BW CG FP with a 5 sec pause anything to write home about?

You’re getting the answers that you’re getting because this is the powerlifting forum and the floor press isn’t a competitive lift. Asking what is a good floor press is sorta like asking what a good rack pull is. If your floor press has direct carry over to your flat bench then that number matters - to you.