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Whats a Respectable Pendlay Row?


For the average recreational lifer? My current best bench press in 275.

I just done 2 sets of 5 with 132 + 154 it was a moderate weight for me. First time i've done any type of Barbell bentover row in years, they always use to bother my back and one time i pulled something in my right rib cage.

Anyhow, these pendlay rows feel awesome!


225 for reps


Yeah i done 220 for an ugly double after but i hit my upper abs both times. I guess all the DB rows, deadlifts, curls etc transferred to an extend.


Well I'm just a chick so maybe my input doesn't count, but I'm running a GVT program and I did 84 reps @ 93 lbs last night.


German volume training? How many sets did it take? 10 i guess if its GVT..?


Agree that 225 for reps is a good mark. I'm trying to raise my working weight on these. Recently I did 245 for 5x5, only breaking form for the last reps of the last few sets.

try to pull towards your belly button, but keep your back straight.


It should definitely be less than a 45 degree row since it's a stricter lift. Yea, I'll agree with 225.


Well, I've trained with women who could rep 185 3x8 fairly easily so I would say that's a good benchmark for an under 165# woman.

For a man, 315 3x5 is respectable. If you are over 220, I would say 365. I've personally trained with 181# guys who could rep 365. Don't limit yourself.

It's kind of like when my wife was competing. She would do stiff legs with 225 for easy eights, 275 for 5's at around 148#'s so it didn't take long until the younger guys training with us wouldn't be caught dead with less than 315 on the bar for stiffs. It pretty much became mandatory and it pushed them all to a higher level of strength.

Obviously, if you have to almost stand up with it to row it you suck, but Pendlays are all about tight arch, keeping the chest up and really accelerating the weight off the floor. If you're wondering how to do them right, get Gillinghams DL DVD and watch him. It's a very explosive movement.

BTW, this is the PL forum, not the 'average recreational lifter forum.' I don't even know what that means.


225 for reps but STRICT reps , that why they are pendlay cus they must be super strict


I guess i have a ways to go, i'm 275! Yeah i used my hips alot when i done them and snapped. It really wasn't that bad of a lift my back angle was a good bit bigger then 45 degrees.


I don't agree with that at all. They are not a strict movement. You need to keep the chest up and your arch with torso as close to perpendicular as possible but if you are doing them ultra strict you're not doing them right.

Go over to a chest supported row, then.

My thoughts are if you can pull 400, should be able to do 225 for reps, 500, 315 for reps, 600 365 for reps..........if not you either need to do more of them or you're too focused on being 'strict' which to me is just silly with an explosive movement like that.


I pulled 418 3 times the last 2 weeks so that adds up. But i haven't trained barbell rows in a very longtime and never with any single minded focus to increase the weight.



I was so surprised when I saw people saying 225.

315 is okay, 365 is good, 405 is great.


Then you aren't talking about a Pendlay row. I think the problem here is that most of you don't seem to know what it is. Here, from the man himself: http://stronglifts.com/how-to-perform-the-pendlay-row-with-correct-technique/


So it's not necessarily a "strict AND explosive" movement then? I guess if I think about it, being really explosive cancels out the "strict" part of it. And it's supposed to be pulled to the belly huh? I've done it to the chest, but never do them really heavy.

Anyone care to throw up a vid of them doing them "right" with heavy weights?


I always did them like a barbell row with a pause where the weight rest on the floor and thought the exercise sucked. But I'll have to try it like the article says and see if that hits my lats better. Maybe it'll even help keep my upper back tighter during deads, squats, and bench since the basic motion looks like setting the upper back for the big 3.


Well, I'll tell you what.

I'll stick with doing them the way I watched Coan do them 20 years ago at Quads, and how I trained them at Jackals.

Like I said, if you want to see how powerlifters do them, get Gillinghams DL Video.

You can use the internet as a source for your information. I'll stick with doing them how I have observed and was taught by world class lifters.

I don't care what an article says. If you think you can handle heavy weight without some form of explosiveness, you're not going to understand what I am talking about.


The Pendlay Row. Row the bar against your lower chest while arching your upper-back & without extending your hips or knees.

-Pull Fast. Pull by arching your upper-back powerfully. The Pendlay Row is an explosive exercise. Move the bar fast.

-Arch Upper-back. Try to make your shoulder-blades touch. Pull with the elbows. Bring your chest forward. Look forward.

-Touch Lower Chest. Where the bar touches your torso depends on your build, hip position & angle of your back. Pull the bar where it touches your body for the Bench Press.

-No Hip Extension. The hip angle doesnâ??t change, hips donâ??t extend. Only your upper-back, shoulders & elbows move.

The article doesn't disagree with explosively lifting the barbell. It encourages it in fact.


That's fine, you just won't be doing a Pendlay row. You're arguing what the namesake of the freaking lift says about it, not some anonymous internet article. I didn't say there was anything wrong with a BB row from the floor, but that's what you're doing, not a Pendlay row.


I just don't like this guy inferring I don't know what they are. Anybody can look them up on the interent. What's your experience doing them?

I think where people get hung up is they think I am talking about yanking it up with hip movement making it basically a quarter row which is not accurate. The torso stays parallel to the floor but you pull explosively.

When I hear someone say it is a strict movement I picture some yo yo with 95#'s on the bar thinking they are accomplishing something because their form is 'ultra strict'.

To me that's just stupid. It's a movement designed to thicken up your back and you're not going to accomplish that being Sally Super Strict. That's what the supported row is for.