Whats a realistic increase?

Hey guys,
I’m pretty new to lifting.
I have done a fair bit of reading, but one thing that I can’t seem to find is how much progression i’m supposed to make each workout-like how many reps to increase by, how much weight, etc.
Iworking out about 3 times per week(not repeating any exercise), with one day in between each workout. What I want to know is often and how much progression should I expect with a particular exercise?
I know everybody is different and pretty much would progress slightly differently, but is there any guideline generally speaking?
I’d appreciate any help.
Thanks and peace!

Sorry to tell you that there really isn’t a set progression rate. If you use a progressive overload program you just use the percent of your max that it says too. You just want to keep it challenging. My advice alternate heavy and light days and when you’re heavy use a weight that keeps good form but is challenging enough. Hope that helps.

Two good choices for you would be to check out Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training article a couple of weeks ago. It basically says to do more work in the same amount of time. When volume (# reps) is increased by 20%, then increase the weight by 5%. Other option would be to check out Hypertrophy Specific Training at thinkmuscle.com. Both programs are clearly structured and very simple and should give you a good starting point.

I’d say about 5lbs every workout.
Any thoughts on this guys?