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What's a Normal Creatinine Level for a Muscular Male?

2 years ago I was at 1.16 mg/DL, last year I was at 1.32 mg/DL…I do supplement with Creatine, and I’m around 190 lbs and ~8-9% bf, so I have a decent amount of muscle on me. I power-lift / sprint. All other kidney tests for me came back normal. Is there a separate reference range for athletic people?

My last physical had me at 1.47. Did a 24 hour collection and got a sonogram on my kidneys to confirm no dysfunction.

My levels are usually close to top of the range. There is another kidney test (Cystatin C) for bodybuilders / strength athletes.

Here is a description from discount labs.

Cystatin C is a more accurate way to determine kidney function in people with higher muscle mass since using creatinine as the main variable can be affected by not only higher muscle mass but also protein intake and creatine supplementation. Another one of the measures of kidney function is the estimated glomerular filtration rate (e GFR ). Glomerular filtration rate describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. Creatinine clearance rate ( CCr or CrCl ) is the volume of blood plasma that is cleared of creatinine per unit time and is a useful measure for approximating the GFR. eGFR under 60 may indicate issues that are affecting kidnet function.

Thank you for the replies, I’ll see what this years’ results bring…my GFR has always been fine, as have my other levels…