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What's a Good Second Steroid Cycle?! Deca/NPP/EQ?

Hi, first of all i would like to thank you for taking your time to read/respond to this.
Im in need of some advice on a second steroid cycle and would appreciate your feedback and opinion.

age 20, turning 21 soon ( i know you may say its too early or young but note that my endocrine system is fully developed and im well versed in dieting and training)

note = training right now is more powerbuilding focused and im on a TRT dose of 185mg of test e every 3.5 days
training roughly 6 days a week.

height = 5 feet 10 inches
weight = 186 pounds
body fat = roughly 17%

calories = >3300
macros = 200p, 400-500c, <100f
(ranges because not strict dieting atm, just trying to bulk atm)

I started at 167 and currently 186 with less body fat, definitely leaner as body recomposition occured
weight change = 19 lbs ( dont know how much is strictly lean muscle mass )

first cycle =
test e 250mg twice a week every 3.5 days for a duration of 12 weeks in total.
dbol 40mg every day split in doses every 4-6 hrs for the first 4 weeks of cycle.

AI = arimidex at 0.5mg EOD, sometimes every 3 days, didnt use it unnecessarily, only used it when i saw sides of high estrogen, when i dropped the dbol after week 4 i used the ai less due to not having as high of estrogenic side effects.

second cycle = ofc a test base, im thinking 500-600mg of test e for 12 weeks, im at crossroads with choosing between deca/npp/eq, would definitely appreciate your guys input and advice because i want to bulk and increase my muscle mass significantly the safest route possible.

I dont know if the lean dryish gains but less muscle mass gains from eq would be better than more muscle mass gains but more water retention from deca.

For an oral im having the same problem between proviron and dbol again.

I dont mind the water retention or a bit of fat because i can make a dedicated period of time to cut later on but it doesnt make sense i go 2 steps forward and 1 backward when i can make 1 good step forward. so if u believe you have a good cycle for great muscle gain without getting to a high bodyfat or water retention i would love to know!

Thank you so much for your time and id love to read your responses and have an educational convo.

Merry Christmas

185mg every 3 days is not a TRT dose, its a small cycle.

I know you didn’t ask for critique but for your future plans but I think it’s important to point some things out.

What you did was entirely possible natural. 19 lbs at about the same BF in one year is absolut standard for people doing things right at 167 and 5’10. AAS were not necessary for that. That means:

  1. You risked your endocrine system
  2. You risk long term damage to the cardiovascular system
  3. It was only risk, no extra reward.

That is important if you wanna do it again, as you don’t wanna get nothing extra out of it 2 times.

The problem with starting too young or too soon is not that you’re not fully developed often, it’s more that it is a waste. Your endocrine system pumps out testosterone in high quantities, you’re light and not very lean so you got a lot of potential. If you then use AAS the point is you don’t get a lot of extra benefits for your risk. You possibly harm your body for a tad bit faster gains, which, if your diet is really good and you’re making progress on a good power building routine, you would be able to get in a few months more without the risk. I stress this point because it is important.

Then there’s another thing:

  1. If you meant 185 per week, then ok, this helps you keep the gains but increases the risk of never recovering your nuts or your HPT. At your age, I would not do self-administered TRT. Why are you doing that?

  2. If you meant 370 mg per week, that is, as mentioned above, a cycle dose. So you’re essentially on the whole time, risking more than just the nuts and not following the “use the least amount necessary” rule

I won’t take deca or NPP ever so I wouldn’t do them, but that’s my biased opinion. With EQ you gotta watch your estrogen, it’s known to cause low estrogen. With 500 mg T as a base, I think you’ll be good from what I know (depending on the bold dose of course).

That is entirely dependent on diet. AAS help strongly with nutrient partitioning as more is needed to build muscle and glycogen stores increase, but if you war way more than you need, you are going to gain fat, as per usual. Have your diet in check and your gains will be fairly lean.


My bad i made a terrible mistake, its 185mg every week but the dose is split into 2 doses every 3.5 days.

I worded that wrong.

I 100% understand your point and do agree with you. I am light and have avg/okayish muscle mass for 5 feet 10 inches but when i started i was 110 pounds, now im 186, the 19 pounds i gained on cycle from 167 to 186 would have taken me more than 5x the cycle duration. What i gained in 3 months i may not have gained in 1 year!

The trt dose is prescribed by a endocrinologist in my country and its not self prescribed, the test e is also pharmacy grade!

What im looking for in my second cycle is to reach my genetic potential!

I understand i can do it naturally but i would rather reach my prime young and healthy in my 20’s than in my 30’s or 40’s.

I already have HCG, clomid, nova, etc readily available for when i stop TRT. Dosed accordingly by my endocrinologist.

I seriously appreciate your response and would look forward for your next reply!!
Thank you!

I also take monthly blood tests to ensure im in the healthy range. Its been a few months since my last blast which was the 500mg of test e. Due to being in the healthy range i feel its time for a second cycle and i would like your opinion on one!

I would just do test again. Maybe bump to 600. What Lordgsinz told you I’d the truth. Since you are already on trt, I don’t see an issue with doing a blast, but I would try to get your body fat where you want it first.

This is a long game. Enjoy the process.

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I guarantee you, that you could have done that in one good bulk, because I did that years ago naturally and I got average genetics for muscle building. (Besides my legs, they’ve always been huge)

Good you’re working with a doc. He must be a bit shady or your country works different if he just does this, but good for you.

I just looked up your FFMI and you are at 22 if your BF is correct. So you got around 10-11 kg lean mass left. I don’t know if you’ll reach that next cycle, I doubt it. But here’s how you increase your chances:

  1. Get to around 11-12% BF on just TRT

  2. Cycle and eat a lot. If you gain 20-25 lbs then about 10-15 will be muscle so you’ve got 5 kg lean mass left to gain.

If you really wanna reach your potential, than you probably need 2 more cycles. Keep in mind that steroids up your potential for holding muscle by 2-10 kg (depending entirely on genetics), but you’ll lose them after you stop anyways. You should start lean so you add lean mass on cycle faster.

My goal would be to bulk on cycle from a lean 176 lbs to around 195-200 lbs. Then see where you’re at after going back to TRT.

If you can keep most of it, after a few months I’d stop cycling and TRT there at your age and PCT.

For compound advice listen to @mnben87 or @iron_yuppie or @blshaw, they have more experience with them.

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Here’s a good post for you. Maybe ask him about his thoughts

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