Whats a good school to become a good massage therapist?

I am interested in becoming a massage therapist. I live in Alabama and wanted to know of any good schools in the area. Any help would be appreciated.

Where are you in Alabama? There are 2 schools in Mobile, and both are pretty good from what I know. Shoot me a PM, and we can discuss further if you want.

I live here in Nevada and they say the Ralston School of Massage is good. It’s located in the bottom of Washoe Hospital and though they don’t offer a job referral service after you graduate they do allow you to work on recoverying patients in the hospital itself. That alone is pretty good on a resume. It’s also one of the first private schools of it’s kind to be located in a hospital. I’m interested in going to it myself. The tuition is 4500$ for the entire course which lasts anywhere from 9 months (full time, 720 hours) to 2 years (part time, 560 hours). I took a look at the curriculum and found that it is very hands on and comprehensive.