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What's a Good, Proven, Snatch Routine?

I just cant find one anywhere really so I decided to come where there are more google savvy lifters with more knowledge of programs. When I say “proven” I mean something along the lines of Smolov/Westside/Sheiko etc. Something that has been used by many lifters and been successful for many lifters. I hope to compete in OL someday rather then just PL…my 230 snatch wont cut it anywhere…help me out guys

I’d just like to second this request, I am interested in this also.

google the bulgarian weightlifting type of training, or look into www.americanweightlifting.org

also look into exrx.net for some stuff on it as well.

best bet, find a coach, you need someone to coach you with technique.


Hows that look?

That Critical Bench article has a few useful things. The programming isn’t that great, but using the MTR principle to base your training weights on works well - you become very consistent and comfortable with with 90%+ weights. I’m not a big fan of the wave-loading though - I’d much rather just take a longer rest at the end of each wave then stick some more weight on the bar and avoid the drop downs.

When you look at Bulgarian methods, there’s one thing that you should remember, Bulgarians are always hurt or always suspended. They just got destroyed at the Europeans with more stringent drug testing.