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What's a Good Pre-Workout Meal?

Hey everyone I’m new to the forums and would like a few opinions. I’ve been surfing T-Nation for a long time over the past month or so. My question is what is a good pre-workout meal? Lately I wake up around 9:45 am and drink some BSN N.O. xplode take some NO supplements and some energy supplements and begin working out around 10 or 10:15 Starting around last week I came home after about an hour of lifting and I have a stomach ache…

It has been happening now that lift in the morning and I was wondering what foods are a good suggestion for a morning workout? I eat fruits when I get back home to settle my stomach.

Must not have been reading many of the articles on here huh?

Food > Supplements.

Read some articles.

This has been over-killed completely, however…

I usually consume a ‘Supershake’ beforehand, comprised of a scoop of Metabolic Drive (Protein Powder), Pecans, Almond Butter, some Fruits (usually a Banana, Blueberries, etc.).

This is usually perfect for me, I’ve toyed around with this for a bit considering 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive was too ‘heavy’ and made my workouts/sprints seem a bit lethargic.

Basics in Nutrition:

This should answer the majority of your questions.

First off, NO Xplode sucks (I’m not gonna go into why… too much to type and explain.) You look like you need help in your diet first, so I would ditch all supplements for a while.

Secondly, you didn’t mention eating any food before working out. After a night of sleep, one needs to get fast-digesting protein (in your case, eggs is the best choice. Maybe whey protein in the future, but again, no supplements.) This will stop catabolism (the losing of muscle) which you become when you sleep.

Thirdly (is thirdly a word?), once you have a good amount of protein, you need to worry about micronutrients (vitamins and minerals and what have you) and carbohydrates. You need lots of carbs (fruits, rice, oats, etc) to have energy for the day, and for working out.

I’m out of time here, I’ll let someone take over where I started off. I just hope I was of a little help.

Oh, and the posters above me are right, read some articles.

Your problem is a complete lack of knowledge on proper nutrition. Listen to your stomach and start feeding yourself in the morning. You won’t get anywhere main lining stimulants every morning.

If you learn anything, learn to eat breakfast EVERY DAY; No exceptions. It is critical to jump-start your metabolism and set the stage for the remainder of the day.

Lose the “NO Xplode (Crap), NO Supplements, and energy supplements” and insert 4 eggs, a 1/2 cup of oats, a glass of milk, and maybe some fruit if you can handle it.

Read more articles as others have suggested.

Good luck.

Yup. What they^ said. A good choice is rolled or cut oats (not the packaged crap), a scoop of whey protein, and some fruit or berries. If you have time before your workout to digest a real meal of lean meats and/or eggs, toast, fruit, etc. then that’s even better.

Berardi recommends a protein and fat type meal with minimal carbs, which I think is in that article

pre work out

its good 2 have
some type of fruit and 1 scoop of whey protein powder

post workout have fast digesting carbs

some type fruit or white bread ect. (depending on your goals)
and protein powder 40grams or above pending on how much u weigh

[quote]harrisonplunkett wrote:
Berardi recommends a protein and fat type meal with minimal carbs, which I think is in that article[/quote]

This one thing I disagree about with Berardi. Fat containing meals have an anti-dilating effect - the opposite of what you want when lifting. I’d just go with something easily digestable containing carbs (ie piece of fruit with a shake or a little oatmeal with a shake).

NO explode…tsk tsk

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

One hour before I workout I generally eat:

4oz. chicken breast w/ 1/2 Tbsp honey
150gms sweet potato w/ a little butter and spinach


1/2 c skim milk
4 - 8 ounces fruit (banana, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry - high GI)
1 scoop whey

Both of the above work great. From my understanding you want protein + carbs. You DO NOT want fats before a workout…