What's a Good Power Clean Goal?

I have no gym, only barbell and plates, I’m working out outside

That includes a lot of power clean (or muscle clean, the non technical version, I don’t care about dipping etc) transitioned into light front squats and press

I have a 635 DL, 495 and 405x10 squat but mostly strong on assistance exercises. Best front squat 420.

What power clean weight should I strive for? Never trained it but now is the time. I can do maybe 255 maximum right now. I think 315 would be great to transition into front squats, but I’m not naturally strong so it might be hard to reach?

I’m doing whole body 1 on 1 off (I find it’s draining neurally compared to my normal split)

You’re strong as man.

Power cleans are fun but I feel like u need more loading and time under tension at your level. Plates and a barbell are a lot actually for example how does sets of 20+ on lunges with minimum 135 on your back sound? Split squats also with added weight. Just some examples that are a decent stimulus can brainstorm more if you’d like

My workouts include this (I can clean and maneuver 135 to my back with ease for lunges) and stuff like pull ups at the park etc.

Only now I have to clean my barbell now for a bunch of stuff, no rack, so now is the time to become strong at them.

How ur overhead pressing strength?

Split Squats are harder than lunges and big ROM too so great exercise.

If you’re looking for a squat variation you can load up and challenge yourself with, I think you could get more of that with a zercher squat. You won’t be limited by what you can clean and can instead focus more on the squat and will be able to go relatively heavier w/ the squat since the clean won’t limit you.

That’s an article that shows you how you can get into the zercher squat position from the bar starting on the ground.


Zercher full cycle looks brutal lmao!
You’ve just made my life a lot harder

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Zercher full cycle feels great, better than the clean grip front squat (used to do crossed arm but long story I have a lot of biomechanical issues)

I cant even clean more than 245lbs some days, Im natural but really not a natural athlete, but I did a 275lbs full cycle zercher today without any trouble trying for the first day. It feels good with my mechanics.

It might even stay for a while after this is over

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The zercher squat full cycle is a thing of beauty

It feels so natural to me, the first squatting movement that ever felt good

I practiced it today for the second day and did 325 without any exertion (275 was my first try), stopped there as its dumb to go too hard too soon

I havent even front squatted over 315 for a long time because I have lots of issues with all of this, clean grip is always awkward and crossed over arms puts my back in a position for injury. Back squat has also injured me for years, which is why its not higher than what it is

I might have a good potential for this movement, too bad I didnt discover it earlier, it just seemed gimmicky and unnecessary

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I’m in. I’m trying it

355 today

Easy but wasnt as good as the 325, not swift either.
355 is probably my front squat max right now so makes sense that it wouldnt fly up.

It was hotter outside and I didnt have my winter coat, it was harder on the arms and prevented me from getting that spot on feeling I had on 325 when your whole back gets into it. I do them close stance and arms outside

Will go for 375 next time, and will keep my winter coat. I’ll see what I do with this when the gym comes back, I will probably tear the sleeves off my coat. (I already have 2 layers and knee sleeves on my elbows under)

It was also too early too and my body wasnt that ready.

Im on the highway to 405, after who knows. Some kid with a 700 DL did 545 on youtube, I might be good for 495 eventually.

Couldnt get 370, which is unexpected and disappointing. Cut my session short, will go back to the park later

Feeling was decent

I still think I can get 405 soon without trouble, I’ll probably update then

Dude you can build a 30$ squat rack. Just use 2 by 4s, 5 gallon buckets, and quikcrete concrete. Google it. Will take like 1 hour to build it.

Already have an elitefts one, just no space for it. I carry my stuff in my car and train at the park

Last week I built a makeshift bench with plank an cement block, which I put in my car at the end

Building a rack at the park, why not

Sure Id like to do back squats but zercher squats are actually compare pretty good