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What's a Good Post Cycle to Keep Gains?


What would you guys recommend for a post cycle of 250mg of sostenon 250 a week for 8 to 10 weeks?


What are you hoping to achieve with your cycle?

Just a thought but have you had your natural levels checked? It might not be worth running that dose if you’re already high normal. If your levels are in the toilet you might be better off going on TRT and not coming off… or are you testing the waters before doing something bigger?

Running 250mg for 10 weeks won’t do a whole lot other than making a mess of your HPTA


1st, google and 2nd stickies and 3rd…

removed for dosing protocol

4th, always double and triple and quadruple check advice given to you by non professionals (me…and 99% of every body else on the internet). You should also double check the professionals.


FWIW, current thinking is that Clomid and Nolva are redundant. There’s a sticky on this, I think it’s “PCT on this board is wrong.”

I’m on TRT, so I don’t PCT, so like @BOTSLAYER said,


ya see that, gotta keep current.

I thought they were synergistic.

Also couldn’t find that thread? I assumed it was by Ksman only found the dosing protocol.


I was thinking about this thread

but am not sure if the information on using Clomid or Nolva is in it.