What's a Good Intra-Workout Supp?

I used to drink jetmass by GAT but creatine makes me retain too much water so I quit taking it.

Any tips?



I’ll see if they sell it here in Mexico

FYI, creatine does make you hold water. That’s a fact. Why is that a concern?

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I get swollen everywhere even with a clean diet, as in, I look fat

could try the second generation creatines like krealkalyn or HCl

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I’ve tried them, took krealkalyn hardcore and concret, monohydrate as well.

I also drank the suggested gallon of water a day but I just retain water in my belly no matter what I do.

Was suggested to take glycofuse by gaspari nutrition or some BCAAs

Best forget creatine then. Beta Alanine preworkout something could try

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it’s probably not water. It’s probably fat. I could show you a picture of me at 192 lbs, and 200 lbs, on the same day, the only real difference between the 2 being how much water I’m holding, and I would bet you couldn’t tell which picture was which.


I dunno, I see myself get water fat when I’m using creatine. But in the end its all about gainz anyway and creatine helps in that.

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Hydro20 works a treat for me.

Also about Plazma, doesn’t digestion stop while you are exercising as blood goes to you muscles so in-taking carbs and protein in a drink they wouldn’t be digested but just give you a stitch? Never tried it, but would you be able to digest during a workout?

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Of course you can digest while you’re working out, lol. I’ve never heard of anyone believing otherwise.

Try this. Take a bag of gummy bears to the gym next time you work out. Eat them throughout your workout. You will feel their effect. Which means digestion is happening.

Do you really think we have so little blood in our systems that blood can ONLY go to our digestive system or our muscles? That doesn’t seem like a reasonable thing to believe.


My belief was that it stopped or slowed which is partially true actually.
I thought that as you used larger muscles like quadriceps blood goes to them and digestion stops so that’s why swimmers or endurance runners get stitches(related to diaphragm not digestion). Not with smaller muscles like forearm flexors otherwise you couldn’t type and digest food at the same time.
Here’s a study so I don’t look like a tit.


stopped and slowed are entirely different.

Endurance runners DO take in calories while running. They have gummies and chews and stuff to get fast acting carbs into their system.

You’re absolutely correct that digestion is altered during a hard workout, but that’s a very different concept from absolute cessation, which was what you suggested initially. It’s exactly why it’s important to get a high quality intraworkout product like Plazma. HBCD’s are the easiest macronutrient to digest, and when you’re working out, that’s going to matter.


Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it stopped so eating during would be pointless. Thanks.

no problem. I can’t speak highly enough about Plazma. I’ve used it every single workout for literally years now.


I take nitraflex as a preworkout, really like it!

I’m an early lifter so it wakes me up

Will look into it though

That energy gel stuff is amazing after you’ve “hit the wall”.

I think one poster may have mentioned it, but it bears repeating. Biotest Plazma is a supplement that everyone who trains hard should be taking. I notice the difference in my workouts when taking it. And I feel that I recover better as well. I used to whip up my own homemade formula in the blender now I don’t have to and the stuff really does work.

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I really like scivations Xtend. Besides being a BCAA it also has electrolytes and L-glutamine. All the flavors i have tried are really good too