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What's a Good Front Sqt for Football Player?

I’ve been doing front squats for about 5 weeks now to try and help w/ hang cleaning…but since its a lift that isn’t as common I’m not sure what is good, like I am for a back squat. I now can front squat 185 at 4 reps…for a back squat I know that’s not very good, but how good is it for a front, since front is a lot harder? Also, i wonder how much I should expect my hang clean to improve?

See, the last time I cleaned I fell, and injured my back…now that I’m healed, I want to try a max again, but am worried about falling if I attempt to flip too much…my front squat has actually gone up 65 lbs since I started, at the time I could clean roughly 205…I have not been doing cleans…would front squats by themselves make a clean improve? Could I expect an improvement of say 20 or 30 lbs if my front squat has improved by 65?

Instead of asking a bunch of theoretical questions why not just go check yoru clean and see how much it’s improved. Also, who cares how “good” your front squat is. If it’s “good” are you going to stop doing them or are you going to keep doing the things that make you better?

Well a good front squat would be 600 pounds lol. Seriously though, the rule of thumb I’ve always heard is around 80% of your back squat.

I really can’t speak to how this would affect your clean though. You may want to ask in the olympic forum.

If you back squat with a wide stance, your front squat will probably be 70-80% of your back squat. If you back squat with a more narrow stance, it’ll probably be around 80-90%. Unless your form just sucks, And that’s on you.

As far as I’m concerned, a 2x bw front squat is good, anything over that is very good. 2.5x bw or more is stellar.

there’s some aussie dude on the youtubes that front squats 350kg. That’s good

To the first poster(since it won’t let me quote): I already said why, because I injured my back last time I tried to max and wanted some feedback on where I could try it from…and it does matter how good it is…if I didn’t want to get good at these lifts I wouldn’t put up the sweat to do them…I never said I’d stop doing them if it was good…hell, I’m already good on cleans and still want to get better

80 pct huh…that gives me a better idea…by that logic I suppose its as good as a 230 lb back squat roughy(at 4 reps)…as for my stance, well i occasionally do a closer stance, but most of the time its wider. For the cleans, my weakness was my legs which is why I started the squats. Because of this, and since in the past i have improved on cleans while seldom doing them, but improving on squats…so I expect improvement, but am not sure where to start back safely…I do cleans when I drop a squat, to get them on the wrack…but the most I’ve done w/ that is 185…and I can’t get a good sense from that since it was after tiring out my arms and legs from 5 sets

like hungry said…2 times BW is a good number and anything above that is getting really good.

When i first started front squatting i totally sucked at them but because of that I stuck with them for about six months straight and got mine up above 600. i’ve recently started doing them again and have them back up into the low to mid 500’s. my bodyweight is 240, so i’m above 2 times BW which puts me in the good range. IMO, if you can hit a 3 times BW front squat then you are an excellent front squatter.

I really feel that back squats and front squats are two totally different movements and can’t really be compared. so, to say that your front squat should be 80% of your back squat really isn’t a good guage. it’s like anything, if you spend time doing it, you will get better and your front squat might just surpass your back squat. One of my guys that i train just hit a deep 405lb front squat at a BW of 185 and his back squat PR is 405.

600 front squat…pretty impressive man. I get your point about what lifts you practice being the ones that improve…I know better than most, since my hang clean is higher than my back squat.

However, with some lifts you do…the same muscles are used in others…and those lifts improve w/ it…I can see how a front squat could be near a back squat, or even equal to it if you do it often and no back squat. However, it is definitely impossible for it to usurp a back squat…there is no way you could hold a weight and complete a squat and not be able to do that same weight w/ it resting on your back

[quote]Halfspin4life wrote:
my hang clean is higher than my back squat [/quote]
wtfsrs? lol

Yes, my clean is indeed higher than my back squat is…I practiced a lot of hang cleans in high school, never really did squats

[quote]Halfspin4life wrote:
Yes, my clean is indeed higher than my back squat is…I practiced a lot of hang cleans in high school, never really did squats[/quote]
that’s quite the situation

Indeed it is. Suprisingly enough despite that, I only started front squatting to help with cleans. I was right below the lineman lifting giants on varsity football in cleans, yet on squats I was dead last…and on bench there was maybe 1 worse kid but I think I was dead last there too.