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What's a Good Deadlift for Untrained Lifter?


I’ve always had an easier time squatting than deadlifting. I’ve been deadlifting since I started lifitng, but I feel like I’ve only recently started to kinda get it. Squats seem intuitive to me.

But then again, since the squat is more complex to others, wouldn’t it be better to have them build up their squat? In most beginners, their deadlift is almost always higher than their deadlift even if they’re brand new.

I could be biased against deadlifts, but if I weren’t competing I’d prolly only do trap bar and RDL


Perhaps it’s because what I mentioned before; a posterior chain dysfunction. Haven’t seen your squat, so I can’t judge.

What also plays a difference is your trunk/limb ratio. During the deadlift people with long limbs sometimes don’t know where to put them. And that freakin’ bar is always in way, isn’t it. :smiley:


I definitely agree with Flip in that I have a much easier time deadlifting than squatting. I feel like I still suck at squatting after a couple years of practice, whereas I understood the deadlift almost instantly. Also, due to my background in sport my back is significantly stronger than my front. I can pull 100 pounds more for a triple on the deadlift than I can for 1 rep on the squat…

I put more emphasis on squat patterns, but that’s just to avoid injury from being too out of balance.


Same here. In my last comp in one minute i repped 450x2 on a frame, 405x2 on an axle, and 405x6 on a deadlift bar (though only four were comp legal). but can barely squat 315 for a decent triple.