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What's A Good Dead @165?


I saw a guy at a meet I was in 2 weeks ago and he deadlifted 620 @ 165 conventional. I was very impressed. How does this lift rank? Good so-so or national level competitor?


Thats good any way you slice it.


I judge good by: Can I do that? How much does he weigh?

In this case, I can't (as far as I know) and he weighs 80 pounds less; therefore, it is good. Cressey is the same weight and does 60 lbs less and said he was ranked in the top 100.


That's a world class deadlift. Once you get to 3x bodyweight deadlift you pretty much rock.


The others are right, that's a very high-level deadlift. The best in the world will pull a little over 700 right now, unless I missed something.



Well just yesterday i hit a PR deadlift of 430lbs at 163lb bw.. i am p4p the strongest person in my gym (full of bodybuilders and wrestlers who do tons of iso shit) ... i thought this was a great dead until i read this...that is a world class dead for damn sure


From the January 2005 Powerlifting USA:

The best 165 deadlift was Tony Conyers with a 684 pull. You needed 523 to break into the top 100. I've pulled 568 in competition, and that would put me at #36.


To answer the post title more generally, a long time ago I read a simple list of appropriate poundages for good, basic strength. Not that these will win a meet, but they are a benchmark for men:

Squat: min 2 x bodyweight
deads: min 2 x bw
Bench: min 1.5 x bw
BO Row: min bw



Dan John's site rocks doesn't it?

That's a great deadlift for any weight


was this deadlift done with a suit? I think that a 2.5x bwt deadlift is a good goal.


man, i have a competitive wrestler at my gym who is about 25 or something and been juicing since he was 17. he's about 6'5 and into the 350lb range. He benches well north of 350 but its funny cause he never works pulling or leg motions, once he tried to pull 315 off the floor and nearly died and he's fuckin juicing, and he can only do about 5 hindu squats and not even one chin-up...i find this so funny, that with the right training you can move some wicked weight without juicing....

Btw..he's open bout his injecting, this isnt one of my speculation threads


He used a single ply suit (IPF) with "house shoes". So someone shouyld tell this guy that he has a great pull (i.e top 100)?


if he pulls 620 he knows its great.


When are the weigh-ins for PL meets? How much weight cutting goes on?


I think most federations require that if you are to set a record, you must weigh in the morning of the meet. At least that's what USAPL does and I think WABDL. I would say that it is the same for any sport-- the higher the level you compete at, the more people are cutting weight to try and get that edge. I've read articles in USA Powerlifting that describe water cutting plans for meets so I would assume it is pretty prevalent.


It depends entirely on the federation in question. All will have weigh-ins on the morning of the meet, but others offer 24-hour weigh-ins. In the WPO, there is a 48-hour weigh-in (pretty absurd, I know).


Was that for 2004 only? I know Ricky Dale Crain pulled 716 @ 165 back in the day.

I also thought a little Russian dude beat that slightly a few months back, I'll see if I can find a link to that one...

Obviously still one hell of a pull.



Included September 2003 to October 2004. There's a lag time, so guys' mos recent pulls aren't always included.


What are the Hoffman Standards?


I'd say thats a pretty good deadlift. I am 20 at 132 lb and will hopefully pull 400lb at deadlift nationals next month.