What's a Good Cutting Cycle?

I know this is long But I will try to be brief. 45 male 295 now 268 lbs
5 years with 10 plus tests by doctors of all kinds, gained 80 lbs ect. Lots of odd medical tests, not long ago went to endo and found total test at 88. Never used aas. Felt like crap now on 1 cc every two week on test cyp. Feel great. lots more info but thatâ??s to the point. I get my script from ins thru caremark. 3 10 ml bottles every 3 months because they say throw away after 28 days??? Yes they do. Watson.

Called local cvs they said thatâ??s so ins will acpt it. So now 6 bottles of Watson 10ml 2000. Cool huh. Been on a few months lost 25 lbs of fat.
â?¢ Want to gainmore muscle lose fat and just feel better. Got clen, winstrol tabs and Proviron and â??Anastrozole. What would a good cutting cycle be?

Not to disrespect/offend, but why does it seem to me when I was reading your post I envisioned you saying your post as fast as possible on one breath…HAHAHA!!

Sorry I can’t help buddy. Haven’t done a cutting cycle yet. only next year. good luck.

So if i’m not mistaken you are on trt?

test tren and winstrol is considered to be a very good cycle for cutting…I would not reccommend the clen though…

but diet and cardio are essential to getting lean

[quote]reflections7 wrote:
now on 1 cc every two week on test cyp.

If you are taking one shot every two weeks then you should first go to the TRT forum and learn about injection frequency and estrogen control.

Ok Thanks