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What's a Good Comeback Program?

I have never needed one before.

I’m a lifting veteran, and have never experienced this before. I just lost interest. My god, it’s horrifying, after 20 years I’ve become a non-lifter.

Back in August, I was in great shape, and took a week off for vacation and just never went back.

During that time there was a car accident, a few household calamities, and a relationship that went belly up. I used the adversity to cut myself some gym time slack. Too much slack.

For the past month, I have had to force myself to get into the gym, without much success. It’s been hit & miss, and it feels like I’ve never lifted before. August was not THAT long ago.

With the plethora of programs in the T-Nation library, I’m looking for a come-back workout program. In the past after any more than a couple weeks off I always started back with full body workouts, but they bore the shit out of me.

Can anyone (authors included Barr, Robertson, CT, Chad) recommend a comeback strategy? I hate feeling like a non-lifter!

Also, one of my household calamities was a crashed hard drive with a library full of diet and workout programs, logs, etc. that was NOT backed up. Does anyone have any experience with data recovery?

Thanks T-Nation for your support!


TBT or ABBH are good programs for guys with lifting experience.

After being frustrated about lifting for a couple of months, and stagnant even though I wasn’t missing workouts, I’m a week into the Waterbury Method and liking it so far. I think a 3-day a week program might be better as a comeback effort.

Go Renegade! http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459589

I’d reduce the sets on some exercises and maybe drop the Ab exercises but I come back to this program every few months to clear the cobwebs. Renegade finds muscles you didn’t know you had (and sometimes wish you hadn’t found).

It’ll rekindle the fire.

(The real bonus is it’s brutally hard so every other program is easier in comparison.)

All of your greatest hits along with the best songs off your new album.

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[quote]Sxio wrote:
All of your greatest hits along with the best songs off your new album.

You’ll be rocking 'em. [/quote]


(And which part of Australia do you call home?)