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What's a Good Clean?


At body weight 175 what is a good weight to be cleaning.
just started them a week ago, I only do about 105.


so far i'm at 265lb clean at 205lb bw...mayyybe a couple more lbs in the tank

for a good clean...i'd say 1.5 bodyweight is a good goal, but what do i know, thats just one of my first major milestones i'm going for


Doesn't sound like a bad goal. I am getting the coordination down still soon as I do I bet it will shoot up.

Next question, what muscles does it work?


definitly once you get the coordination down you're weights will jump up

for reference it might take as much as 6 months to get decent at the double knee bend and timing aspects when you're pulling yourself under the bar to catch it, althought you can always get better technique, faster, etc

its going to work a lot of different muscles...personally, traps and maybe hamstrings are the only things that get sore from them, but in the same way deadlifts and other "full body" (or almost) movements use lots of body parts, these kinda fit into that description (once you can use enough weight to actually challange your body), although, i like to think of it more as a test of my own strength relative to before...rather than a strengthening exercise in itself


are u talking full clean or power clean?


does it matter? thats pretty sick Klip!
*(i would assume full clean)


I agree with 1.5 bw at being "good".

(this does not apply to competing o-lifters)


I need to practice it more ... I always have a hard time with the timing and getting under the bar as the it gets heavier ... I end up just doing a power clean and not a full clean ... none-the-less I effin love the "o" lifts


I just started lifting again a couple weeks ago and can full clean about 245 lbs @190lbs bw. Im hopin it goes up a bit once I get my form back down and actually get access to some bumper plates! But I was curious whats a good amount for competitive O lifters? And also HunterKiller I cant really emphasize enough how important it is to really do your research and get these lifts right before you start movin up in weight it took me quite a few injuries to learn that one.


As mentioned before, getting under the bar is the hardest part. I am still working on it, and when I don't get under it properly I just power clean it and front squat.
This is why I like Olympic lifting, it takes great form, attention to detail, and explosiveness, challenging oneself both physically and mentally.


i meant the OP


sorry my mistake bignate, good question


OP is dumb, and OP is actually doing snatches.


ahh that changes things again...then i'll ask Bignate's question again - are you doing full snatches or power snatches Hunterkiller?

(bodyweight is usually the first "solid" goal though


In that case, a 1x BW snatch is pretty good.


I've seen my training partner triple 295 at a bodyweight of 175 in the powerclean from the hang. Fucker.


wow...thats sick!


I had to watch alot of youtube to answer this one correctly. I have been doing power snatches. I don't think I have the coordination to do a proper full snatch.


Make sure you don't over train them. Work on form.

My first week doing cleans I jumped 15#. Then in the next week I dropped 10# because I overdid it.

EDIT: Sick avatar by the way. :wink:


i got out of it due to lower back injury but will plan to start catching deep again soon....i've still got a lot to work on, but i find it very rewarding when you do it hunterkiller, if you have any questions or want to show us videos we can try to help, but have fun! the Oly lifts are some of the most fun times i've had in the weightroom, once i started to get the timing down