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What's a Good Bench Press Max?


Whats a good bench press max for sum1 who is 5'7' 210 at the moment im at 305 but i had surgery in december and march otherwise I would of hit that months ago


A good bench press max for you is anything greater than 305.


Whatever your inner thighs can squeeze.


are you a powerlifter?

if not - who cares?


2860lbs I'd say is pretty darn good. You'd be able to play tennis with motorcycles if you got it that high. With my new program - bench press try 100 times for a new maximum every 2 hours you will get there!

Honestly though, what's a "good" number is pretty personal and subjective. I'd simply find the world record for your class and compare it to that. I compete in olympic lifting. To me 75% or more of the world records are very good numbers and what I roughly aim for.


If you're back to 100% after the surgery, then I'd say your answer is jskrabac's reply + HolyMac's reply.

A bodyweight bench press is generally considered a good start, and you're just about 1.5xBodyweight.

To give you another perspective, back in the '60s, 1.25xBodyweight for 12 reps was considered pretty good for the bench press (and bent row). For you, that'd be about 265x12.


A good max?