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Whats a good 1repmax bench-dead


I would like some advice on a good goal for a 1 rep max in bench and in deads. Right now I weigh 180lbs, 24 years old, and my max bench is 325lbs (1.81% of body weight) and my max dead is 375lbs (2.08% of body weight), have only been doing deads for a month and I'm still working on my technique. I am interested in entering a push and pull meet in mid-november ( i know, i know i should just enter to have fun) and want to do pretty good (not make a fool out of myself). What would be an ideal 1rm compared to body weight in both dead and bench? I guess I could spare to loose around 10lbs of body fat should I focus on that or on increasing my max rep for the competition? All advice would be greatly appreciated.


by the way the dead max is without straps or belt (i guess t-men are not allowed to wear those) and the bench is without a lift. dont know if that affects anything


If 375lbs is 2.08% of your bw, that makes you around 18000lbs :slight_smile:


Its not the answer that you wanted to hear but i would just be concerned about progression. Do your best at this meet then better it next time 'round
consider it a bench mark to work from.


no adam, since i weigh 180lbs, 375lbs is a little over twice my bodyweight, i believe thats how they measure results at the meet, by your body weight as a percentage

i will use it as a benchmark, but i was wondering if what im doing now is even remotely good, ive never gone to a meet so i have no idea and i dont even want to go in if theyre gonna put me in the women's division



Adam's right. It's 2.08 TIMES your bodyweight, not 2.08% of it. It's 208% of bodyweight.

Anyway, just be patient. Do the meet, learn from it, get stronger.


no pino, adam is right. He was having a little fun with you. You see, "a little over twice" something is a litte over 200% .. not a little over 2%


aHHHHH ok guys enough with the bashing i get it now, newbie here. but thats why im asking what is a good goal for bench and dead at my weight (180lbs) thanks


You definitely won't make a fool out of yourself with those weights. (By the way, 375 is excellent for having deadlifted for only a month.) I would suggest just staying at 180 to make sure you can stay in the 181's.

Even the equipped lifters will know enough to be impressed by those raw numbers. You may not win, but you won't look like a wuss. Don't worry; try hard.


thanks a lot Ben, i really apreciate the advice. thats a great confidence lifter that i wont look like a wuss with those numbers, thanks again


also my main problem with my dead is my grip, it seems harder to grip than to lift the weight is there anything i can do to enhance my grip strengh becides not using straps, which i dont use now. and should i every once in a while dead with straps so that i can dead more? or is that just a waist since my grip is being used.


What kind of grip are you using now? Make sure to use a mixed grip (one hand over, one hand under).

Things to work grip specific to deadlifting would be rack pulls (with weight heavier than you can deadlift, or with less of a load for more reps) and holds for time. Just load up a lot of weight and hold it.

Are you pulling conventional or sumo?


those are very good lifts and you should be proud, but just to give you a understanding of the work you need to do your deadlift wouldnt get you in the top 100 in the 123 pound class, and your bench would be way off to get you in the top 100 in the 181's so you need to continue to always look up and improve, and dont let people bull shit you with that raw crap 99% of the lifters who compete raw wouldnt blow equiped lifters out of the water, to make the plusa top 100 equiped you have to be a strong ass dude...big martin


hey dude
Check out the "keep your chin up" article by Christian Thibaudeau in issue 260, he gives tips to strenghten your grip...Also you should think about doing feeder sets for your deadlifts.
What are feeder sets you ask??Check out an other article by C.T. called "rapid fire" if i remember correctly...it's in a recent issue, can't remember,sorrry:(
BTW your lifts are pretty decent ones, I would defenitly not like to see your warface!
hope this helps



How about you just live by nothing is ever good enough...that way you will always strive to be better


thanks guys i appreciate all the feedback and advice. right now im only doing conventional deads with a mixed grip. im gonna start some rack pulls with heavier weight to work on my grip this week. should i dead more than once a week? right now all im doing is a couple of warmups and 5 sets of 1-3 increasing weight everytime if possible.

by the way dirtydan i totally agree with you, nothing is ever good enough... i remember looking at guys bench 3 plates and thinking wow thats amazing ill be totally satisfied if i could ever do that, now i just feel like a pussy that can only press 3 plates and a nickel. its pretty crazy how you can totally change your way of thinking...