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What's a Full Scoop of Metabolic Drive?


Can someone please tell me, from the attached picture, whether or not -A- is a full scoop (making B about a half scoop), or is B the full scoop point ?

thanks Steve


I always thought the whole scoop (A) is considered 1 full scoop.





The line at B is most likely due to the nature of the scoop production process.


I hope its A cause that is what ive been going off for quite sometime lol


Cut your nails.


Also, A.


Yeah I'm sure it's A.

I just can't figure out why Berardi's (sp) cottage cheese/md low carb/peanut butter Cookie recipe in Cheat to Lose book (Joel Marion) calls for 6 scoops of powder. I made it today, and it was waaaaaayyyyyyyyy too much protein powder.
It didn't mix, and I just scooped the dry left-over into another contain to save for a shake. Maybe when that recipe was created, scoops were smaller or something.. i don't know. I'm going to use 3 scoops next time, though. Thanks



I don't know what the fuck kinda scooper that is, but the standard scooper (the one found in virtually every brand of protein powder I've ever purchased) is approx 30g of protein powder.


Sounds like a typo, the recipe ratios for that sort of thing are normally:
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 scoop protein
1 tbsp milled flax


Not that my measurements are exactly precise, but I measured 1 full scoop (line A in the OP's picture) to be 75 grams, or about 2.6 servings. Using 1 tablespoon of water = 15 mililiters = about 15 grams, it took me 5 tablespoons to fill up the whole scooper. Unless I screwed up the conversions, which I could have, it seems a full scooper to line A is a lot more than the 29g serving size.


15 ml of water indeed weighs 15 g
75 ml of water weighs 75g
However, 75ml of whey does not weight 75g. Different density.

Most 70-75ml protein scoops give about 25-30g of whey in my experience, varying slightly between brands.


I've always used "A" as a full scoop.
I have always wondered if "b" was due to production or if it was there for a purpose. Still figured more as opposed to less.

Go with 'A'


that is a scooper. A full scoop, would have it filled. This shit rocket science or something?


LOL... I can't believe there's a post on this. [b] A [\b] OP, careful you don't pack the powder in there too densely or you'll get too much protein and destroy your kidneys..


took out my grand pappy, that shit did