whats a fella to do?

ok here’s my dilemma. i just broke up with my girlfriend last week. now i DONT want a serious relationship for a while. anyways, there is this SMOKIN hot girl from my gym. we always made the “sexy” eye contact before, but i never could talk to her because i had a gf. anyways, we ran into each other today and started flirting. it was going really well until she asked my age–19. she’s 23, and thought i was like at least 21. on top of that, i transfered schools last year to a college back home, and have to live at home this year b/c i transfered late (no place to live on/near campus). now i was gonna ask for her #, but A)i think she’s a little turned off by my age/place of residence, and B)i dont want a relationship what so ever. next time i see her, what do i say/do?

Ask her on a date. Problem solved. Then you don’t have to think about it anymore. Or you can just ask if she wants to play hide the weenie in the locker room. By the way, what’s wrong with talking to girls even if you have a girlfriend? She won’t find out if you don’t tell her.

Look, you aint gonna find out if you act all intimidated by her age. Just walk up to her and strike up a normal, everyday conversation. If she thinks you are a kid and is not interested, you will soon enough find out. Quick and easy. Beats chickening out, and later on wondering, what if… You got nothing to lose.

Forget about it! hehehe. You don’t know until you take a shot, bro.

thanks bro’s. you know, after having a girlfriend for so long, i think my game went down the shitter. im pretty rusty right now, so its gonna take some getting turned down till im back to 100%. i just hope she’s not one of them. oh man she’s SOOOOOOO hot. peace