What's a date?

Here’s an unusual question that pertains not to drugs, lifting, dieting, or supplements…but to dating. Just curious how many other guys out there have a hell of a time getting dates due to their size. Since I’ve gotten over 200 (I’m currently 240-250 at about 8-9% BF) my dating life has absolutely sucked. “You’re TOO big!” “Because of your size, you probably abuse women.” No shit, I’ve heard both of these quotes. God forbid I actually get to 300 like want. What is wrong with women these days? Most of the ones I encounter want beanpoles, 'sup wit dat?!? Anybody got any ideas?

Hmmm, probably because the current trend is a more “athletic” trim and toned look, not that you aren’t at your bodyfat. A good start would be to blame calvin klein. As for the “…must abuse women.” quote, I’d say its a mixture somewhere in the configuration of 60% ignorance 40% stupidity. lata.

“MB Eric: Saving the world from deadly protein by eating all he can find. Since 1712.”


Man, did you hit a nerve. My girlfriend and a long term friend/girl have each said the same thing to me. I wasn’t so sure about what they meant until, no shit, I was off in the distance while the friend was getting a drink for each of us. she struck up a convo with the girl in line next to her and the stranger commented about me, something along the lines of “He’s kinda cute but he’s scary big” I can assure you by no means am I HUGE. 5’10", 235, 50 chest, 36" waist. Long story short (too late), I think that there is a lot of misconception when it comes to size. A lot of truly big guys think of themselves as average size, while a few of the littler guys, you know who I am talking about, the buck 75 dudes who walk around with their lats flared and flex at all times in self admiration. The absolute crowning moment came when I got a shirt from a guy who from my eyes is BIG. I asked if it was big enough and he told me it was the same size as his. I tried it on and it was skin tight.
Moral of the story, I am going to shred down to 215, yeah 20 lbs in about 8 weeks time, (going to a wedding of a friend who agreed with the other two) cuz for one, it is hard to get clothes and 2, if it means having a better shot at getting tail, them what the hell. No I am not going to do Homo-ish aerobics and I dont have time for body comp, so I am going to train heavy, less volume with dietary modifications. I don’t want to lose strength, but I have to do a complete paradigm shift about the wimp/man line being at 225. I’ll post my results, success or not. Still working out the details of my training.

From the things I’ve seen and heard, I’ve always thought it was the 125-140 pounders who abuse their chicks (AKA little guy syndrome). The first time I heard that I must abuse women simply due to my size, I about fell over in shock. What are these women thinking? Size has nothing to do with whether or not you’re an asshole. I guess since I want to weigh around 300+ and compete around 260-270, I’ll die celibate. Now, where’s my porno with Jenna Jameson…

Where are you meeting these women? I am about 5’11 235 8%. I had similar problems meeting women thru work, school etc. Then I discovered the club scene; chicks that hang out at clubs, raves, etc., absolutely love bodybuilders. I can usually go to a club by myself and bring home enough chicks to get all of my friends laid. And believe it or not, you will actually meet a few that are good dating material this way.

Tell that girl that you got your size from abusing women. Then asked her how she guessed you were a woman abuser.Then ask for her phone number. By that time the ice should be broken.

Right now I’m weighting 167 at 10% bodyfat for a 5’10" height. Pretty skinny compared to you guys. I told my girlfriend my goal was to reach 185, then 200, and she said she would hate it! I have 15 inches guns and she says they’re pretty big and shouldn’t be bigger! Frankly, I don’t care what she says and I think she will like the bigger me in a couple of months, years.

I guess I should mention I live in the inbred capital of the world (Wyoming) where the men are men and the sheep are afraid! The women I’ve approached/asked out I’ve met at the gym, the store when buying groceries, work, and such. Not just confined to one specific type of area. This is cowboy country, not bodybuilding country so I probably look like a circus freak (like someone all done up like a cowboy isn’t weird or anything). I should also mention the fat chicks sure like me. What makes them think I’d be attracted to 40% blubber?

It’s true, the biiger you get the less chicks like it. I remember when I was about smaller 170-180 (5’8") and couldn’t even talk to chicks (maybe I’m too ugly!!) because one told me they felt insecure approaching a guy inshape because we might dislike their bodies. I put her straight on that one, we love chicks. Now I am upto 220 pounds, which is by no means huge, girls won’t even look at me, yet the guys with 14inch arms and lycra t shirts seem to pull them like magnets. Guess chicks must just like the GQ look. I suppose it’s much like the really good looking chicks I have met that never have boyfriends, not cause they are too picky, it’s just that us males are too scared to approach them.Maybe the bigger guys just need to go up to these hotties and tell them that we are not too good for them and more than happy to satisfy their desires, and bring their sisters too.
Some of you may want to try this logic with your partners, I had no luck. I told my girl because I weigh twice as much as her it is only fair that we get another girl involved, after all she’s getting twice as much loving (100kgs vs 50kgs). I didn’t go down too well. good luck

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A few weeks ago at 5’9 173 and 30 inch waist and 15.5 inch arms the girls I know and my mum were all saying I was too big and looking short (even some sissy men made the remark). Now at 165 and similar stats Im called skinny and get much more attention. Pretty fickle stuff id say. Girls do like the Mens Health cover looks which admittedly is not a bad asthetic and probably much more functional than the amature bb level look. Tonnes of lean mass, especially coupled with abless bodyfat, does little for most women and Im told gives some women the impression that the guy is insecure (like the frog that puffs itself up to look like a bull and eventually pops). My view - once again a case of horses for courses and each to his own.

I’m with Oneab, hit the clubs brother, very fine girls who dig the muscles.

Every woman abuser I have known (my step father in-law included) was a little man. My father on the other hand is a large, gentle hearted, quiet, intellegent man. My husband (no suprise) is a very large, gentle hearted, quiet, intellegent man.
Oh well, I never have ever agreed with many women. I guess I’m just weird that way.

A guy at my gym, who I really like and respect, told me this phrase that I could never forget: Bimbos love the big ones, real women love the symmetric ones. This guy is a long distance runner with a very good built, never over 6% bodyfat. Well, I may be more on the symmetric side, but I want a BIMBO anyway!!! So I guess I gotta be bigger!

I think it’s a matter of the woman, some women say they like the feeling of security they get from dating a big guy. One thing I see a lot of is really, really small women dating big guys. I have a friend who’s six foot about 230(not huge but pretty dang big and muscular)and his wife is 4’11, about 100 pounds.

Big fat women here in Tennessee tend to date skinny guys but I do remember hearing that even big women like muscular men because they feel he can pick them up.

I say start dating ex-cheerleaders they ought to be used to dating big guys from dating football players.

I had the opposite experience: my popularity
went up dramatically once I got past 190
lb in lean condition and that has been true
through 210 in like condition. On the other hand I don’t
look like a bodybuilder, but look symmetric
at that weight, whereas at lighter weights
I appear upper-body-deficient relative
to lower body (pretty much have the
hip structure of a 200 lb running back or something.)

Current girlfriends have said, on hearing
that I used to be 147 in good condition,
or 160 lb when fat, that they wouldn’t
have even looked at me at those weights,
and think it would have been disgusting.
Well, they were right! :wink:

I do think you probably hit a barrier
at about the 17" arm point, or 17.5" neck
point, or with a really large chest,
these numbers being if you’re 6 feet tall.

I am not dumb enough to think the size of a guy has anything to do with his potential for hitting women! As far as looks go, my ideal would be a boxers physique. Strong and fast, not too big or lean. I like big,if the guy is naturally big and does not look overblown and bloated. It does not matter how tall you are as long as you are taller than me, carry yourself with confidence and have a few original thoughts. That said, my guy is 6’2 and weighs 225. LOL!

If you have the thick gorilla build with huge traps up to your ears and thick hips and butt, it is quite different than the symmetrical muscle media look. I think more girls are attracted to the latter but you never know.

My overgeneralized observation is that women
like the “underwear model” look. Compare
yourself to the models photoed on the packages
of Calvin Klein etc. If you are bigger than
that, then for most women you will be “too
big”. If you choose to be bigger than that,
do it for yourself, because it won’t impress
most women. Likewise, being that lean will
impress some women, but it will also scare
off some women because they might think your
expectations for them may be unrealisticly
high (regardless of whether that is true or
not). This is true even if they already look
damn good. Most women (except for the really
snobby, bitchy ones) underestimate their own
beaty/physiques due to insecurity and the fact
that they see all their little flaws and blow
them out of proportion. I’ve gone out with
a lot of women, but I have never gone out with
one who wasn’t at least a little insecure
about their looks. Enough psychology for

In my talking to various women I’ve always heard that big muscles and lots of veins are “gross!” I think the majority or women dig the underwear model type, skinny and slightly muscular. Another thing that is disheartening is that a lot of women like gay or feminine type guys. Good thing there are T-Vixens out there that are still attracted to T-men. Thank God I found one that likes big mean looking muscular bald guys, because I don’t think would have a chance with any of the trendy “cool” girls around these days.

Hey, I LIKE the big, beefy type. Tons of veins are kinda gross, and I prefer my men to have a neck, but on the whole a BIG set of arms and shoulders is what I like to see! But you do have a point, more women go for the ‘underwear model’ type. I’d like to think that means ‘more for me’ but it doesn’t seem that way lately!!! grin