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What're You Listening To Today?



Connected my phone to my truck’s bluetooth and the following three songs began playing… clearly it’s going to be a good day.

So… true story, when I was 11 and first heard Bad Moon Rising. I thought they were singing “Bathroom is on the right” :confused:


I thought it was a song about werewolves …


SO DID I! No shit



EDIT: Next you’re gonna tell me this song isn’t about people born in Africa.


It’s like a magnum opus of live performance. Stuns me every time.




It’s punk and beer night again.


Jesus is that their best song? I’d rather listen to 5 hrs of nails on a chalkboard than this girl’s screeching…


Obviously not a fan. It’s kind of a specialist interest, I admit.


You’re probably not going to like this either then


FTR I didn’t mean to take a crap on your taste . to each their own and that’s all good - but you’re right, not my cup o’ tea.

FWIW I listened to it twice to see if it would grow on me … it didn’t.


The Cramps post was something I could get into … I got a little David Byrne vibe from the first few songs (all I listened to to this point).

The issue w/ the Julie Ruin post was the girl’s voice. The music was something I’d put on to kind of zone out to and get lost in until the singer’s voice would come on … i’d then proceed to attempt to dig out my ear drums.


Let’s go WAAAAAAAAY back…


I fucking love Azealia Banks:



Hey, that’s cool- not everyone likes screeching and screaming. I myself get put off by the roaring that was the done thing in metal a while back.