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What're You Listening To Today?


At the drive in. It’s good stuff.


I remember them! One Armed Scissor was a great track


Long time since I’ve heard them!


Dropkick murphys. The ideal song to get you going in the morning.


It’s on the same album, I’m listening to it now. It’s awesome.


The only problem I have with that song is that it’s too short.


True enough. But the repeat function on media player restores what nature has tragically denied to that song.



It’s for the best if you do not play this song in mixed company as you will not be thanked for it.


The only problem I have with it is I’m from the Boston area.

It’s played. All. The. Time. There’s only so many times you can here the opening riff before you want to shoot those limey bastards for making such a catchy fuckin’ tune.


Been listening to this a lot recently, reminds me of when I used to watch Randy Orton with my brother as a kid.


I can’t imagine that song playing more than five or six times in a row before people start head butting each other in the face.


You just described every Murhpy’s show I’ve been to…


Being from Wales I don’t have that problem- although it does bring with it its own unique set of problems, such as Dafydd Iwan, whose music I refuse to link to out of respect for my fellow T-nation members.


Also, guided by voices. Sorry I’ve posted here quite a lot today. It’s a rest day, I have no work on. I always try to arrange matters so that the two circumstances coincide, and then get surprised when I’m bored.


One of my all-time favorite bands! So many great tunes!


I know. I got a ‘best of’ thing with like 32 songs on it. Every single song on it got me instantly, a rarity in a world where most of the records you buy have maybe two or three good songs and a lot of filler.


Another one:

forgive me, these are coming a bit thick and fast.



George Thorogood knows what’s up


Pour some out!