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What're You Listening To Today?

Highlight for me today was the Disintegration album by The Cure

Favourite track on the album there. Love that bwoawhhh synth sound

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Haven’t listened to the Cure in ages.

Today it was Freaky Styley for me.

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This got me in the mood to lift on the ride to the gym.

Love The Cure. :thumbsup:

I had a good long drive home through 5 o’clock traffic from a business trip this week, heard some classics to keep the head chill:

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The story of my life, one of my most favorite songs:

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Just discovered a couple AC/DC rip off bands -Hardbone and Bonafide. Totally unoriginal but the Rawwk is strong…

I love 70’s and 80’s music i watch on you tube and am up late, when nothing on but commercials.
KC and Sunshine band , theme of songs lets get high as shit , party, screw , get down tonight.

Tommorow first hard shoulder, chest ,tri workout since cold, ministry, pantera, motley you know.

Right now I’m listening to Magic radio…later I’ll probably listen to a variety of stuff…probably Mika - Life in cartoon motion, Scala & the Kolacny brothers - Respire…maybe some pop rock too.

I’m packing today because I’m moving tomorrow, so I’m listening to upbeat stuff.

Der Rosencavalier by Richard Strauss.

Jay Chou. Since I know only 2 posters on this entire site know who he is, here’s Marty Friedman doing a cover of one of his songs instead.

Crap now I’m listening to Friedman…

Enjoyed this tune today. Been ages since I listened to stuff like this

can’t get enough of this tune


always got Metal Works by Priest on my phone.



Judas Priest have got some tremendous tunes, but they can be a little too much for me at times. Halford’s voice in that tune kind of kills it for me.

I prefer their more restrained stuff like this:

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might wanna duct tape your pants around the waist

Sonic Youth "Teenage Riot"